My XNSPY Review: Good But Not the Best

XNSPY is one of the newest spy apps that have hit the market. This XNSPY review gives you in-depth information about what XNSPY has to offer.

A spy app is software that can be installed on a target device to monitor information, such as incoming and outgoing calls, location, and more.

XNSPY Review

XNSPY is one of the newer spy apps available. This app lets you remotely access a vast amount of information on another cell phone. It can monitor both Android and IOS devices.

They have a No Jailbreak spy service and a full software version for Apple devices that have been jailbroken.

Check out the rest of this XNSPY review to find out what other features this software has to offer.

Features and Pricing

As with any spy applications or monitoring software, XNSPY allows you to record the target device’s online activity.

It then uploads this information to an XNSPY users’ account. It does all of this in a hidden mode so that the device user cannot detect its presence.

XNSPY allows you to monitor the following information on your target device:

  1. Calls
  2. Text messages
  3. Emails
  4. Contacts
  5. Social media apps
  6. Multimedia files
  7. Wi-Fi networks
  8. Browsing history
  9. Locations

Unlike other spy software, XNSPY has a handy feature that allows you to record phone calls and ambient sounds around the target phone.

However, we must warn you to use this feature with caution, as recording someone else without their consent is illegal in many countries.

Covert Features

Not all of XNSPY’s features are available in stealth mode. This means that, unless you are overtly monitoring a particular cell phone, you cannot use specific features.

Below is a list of the features that remain accessible, even when XNSPY is hidden on your monitored phone.

Call and Ambient Recording

Activating this feature automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls on a particular phone.

You can access these recordings through your XNSPY user account and even download them. Ambient recording lets you remotely access the monitored device’s microphone to record surrounding sounds.

Phone Logs

This feature gives you daily reports for the top 5 callers and top 5 calls on the device you are monitoring. You can also get additional information, such as the date, time, and caller ID for every log.

Social Media and Other Instant Messages

Considering how big a part social media plays in all our lives now, any spy software needs to be able to monitor and access the information and communications that go through these apps.

XNSPY does just that, by allowing you to monitor the activities on various instant messaging and social media applications.

These include Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Messenger, Viber, Skype, Kik, LINE, text messages, and more.

With this software, you can send all sent and received messages and shared multimedia and call logs (for WhatsApp only) directly to your account.

Stored Multimedia

Nowadays, most of us take and store tons of photos, screenshots, videos, and other media on our devices.

This gives anyone with access to these files a lot of information about us and our lives. XNSPY lets you access all the stored multimedia on your monitored device.


With XNSPY, you can see all the sent and received emails that go through the default mailbox on the monitored device.

Since much of our work is done through email communications, this is very useful. It is also crucial because many receipts, bills, and other financial and account information are sent through email.


We know you would want to know who the user of your monitored device is talking to. This spy software lets you access every single contact in the device’s phonebook.

Location Tracking

Using Google Maps on an Android device, and Maps on IOS, XNSPY allows you to track the location of the device’s user. And this is done discreetly. Through your account, you can access these GPS logs anytime.

Watchlist Alerts

If you are after particular pieces of information, you can set alerts for specific words, contacts, and locations. This gives you more targeted results and saves you from having to sift through a ton of logs and information.

Overt Monitoring Features

XNSPY can be useful for parents monitoring their children to stay updated with their locations in case the child gets lost and protect their children from cyberbullying or online predators.

This is also useful if you are taking care of someone who has limited capabilities, such as a senior citizen with Alzheimer’s or a person with developmental disorders.

App Blocking

This feature allows you to restrict certain apps on the phone, a useful feature when you want to keep specific applications from your child. However, when you use this, it alerts the monitored device.

Phone Lock

You can remotely lock a phone using XNSPY. To reverse it, the user can enter a passcode generated by XNSPY itself. This is useful to have in case your monitored device gets lost or stolen.

Remote Data Wipe

Another useful feature to have in case of theft, you can remotely reset the device to factory settings. This wipes everything on it, including all data so that no unauthorized 3rd parties can access your personal information.

Stealth Mode

In case you do not want XNSPY showing up on your target device, you can tick a check box during installation.

This removes all signs of the presence of a spy app on the device. For Jailbroke Apple devices, you can also choose to hide the Cydia App, which gives you an extra level of protection.

For the average person, this is enough to hinder the presence of a spy app on their device.

However, mSpy is the pioneer when it comes to providing you with extra means to hide their app from detection. mSpy allows you to remove their app from “running processes” and is very useful and detailed in disguising file names.


XNSPY’s pricing is pretty simple. Much like most apps, they have a basic and premium version, with the latter being more expensive. Both can be used on the full version and No jailbreak software editions.

For XNSPY Basic, the pricing is $49.99 for one month, $69.99 for three months, and $99.99 for 12 months. 

XNSPY Premium is more expensive by a bit. For one month, the Premium version costs $59.99. Then it costs $99.99 and $149.99 for the 3 and 12 months subscription, respectively. You can check out the feature list and corresponding pricing here.

If you want to get XNSPY a try, you can pay for a short-term subscription. However, if you want the best value for money, a one-year subscription is best for you.

How to Install XNSPY

While XNSPY mostly operates in the background and through online means, you still need to install the software on your target phone or tablet before you can use it.

For iPhones, you can install XNSPY remotely if you know the target phone’s iCloud account details and enable iCloud backups. Certain features, such as social; media monitoring, geofencing, and remote commands only work if you root (for Android devices) or jailbreak (For Apple) your target gadget.


XNSPY works on both Apple and Android devices. However, it does not work on computer monitoring or platforms like Blackberry, and the like. The following are more specific compatibility information.

  1. Android devices – all versions, starting from 4 onwards
  2. Jailbroken Apple iPhone, iPad, etc. – up to IOS 9.03
  3. Apple No Jailbreak – all IOS versions (This requires an Apple ID and password)

To be sure, it is best to check XNSPY’s website for the most updated compatibility information [R].

As an essential point to remember, not all features are covered by all versions, so you should double-check, in case you are after a particular part.

You can also ask their support chat online [R], in case you have questions not answered by information available online.

Who Can Use XNSPY?

Anyone can use it, and it is simple enough to use. However, note that the terms of use explicitly state that this software can only be used for legal reasons by parents (for children under 18 years old) and employers, as well as other people only after the legal consent of the monitored device’s user, has been obtained.

What to Look for in Spy Apps


You need an app that works for your phone. The system requirements will tell you if it is compatible with Android, Apple, or both.

You also have to check whether it works for your particular software version. Note that some may be appropriate for a phone and not a tablet, or vice-versa.

For Apple, you need to check whether it is compatible with a No Jailbreak or Jailbroken version, depending on what you have.

This is important because the app and/or some of its features may not work for the phone that you have, which will be a big waste of money.


It is essential to know what you will be using the app for, so you can check whether that particular software has the features that you need, such as browsing history monitoring, remote cell phone tracking, and more.

This XNSPY review will give you a detailed review of XNSPY’s features.

Stealth Mode

Considering what a spy application does, it is critical that it can hide its presence on the target device. The end-user or device owner must not accidentally stumble on the app.

Moreover, the usual ways of figuring out whether a spy application exists on one’s phone should not reveal the presence of this software on the device.

Some spy software is more effective at hiding its presence than others. A basic hidden function is usually enough for most users, but if you have more exacting needs, some of the apps below are worth looking at.

XNSPY Alternatives

There are a handful of apps out there that offer better features and pricing than XNSPY.

mSpy & Cocospy

The mSpy app leads the way with layer upon layer of stealth and security. It allows you to go all the way when trying to hide the presence of a spy app on your device.

One of my favorite apps overall is Cocospy. It offers a great mix of features, is stable and reliable, and is competitively priced.

It even removes its existence from the “running processes” data and provides for a detailed and effective means of disguising file names.

Reviews also say mSpy is less questionable, as it is mainly a parental control app that offers a wide selection of monitoring features. It does not cross privacy boundaries, unlike XNSPY.

It still has reasonable parental control, real-time GPS location tracking, as well as real-time social media monitoring. You can also set geo-fencing, match passwords with Keylogger, and receive alerts when restricted words are typed on their device.

Some other Spying Apps

If you’re looking for the most features and monitoring capabilities FlexiSPY can’t be beat. It’s the only solution that allows you to listen live to incoming calls.

Another solid choice is iKeymonitor. It offers a great mix of features, is stable and reliable, and is competitively priced.


This XNSPY review has given you a good idea about what this software has in store for you.

If you need spy software to protect your child or someone else’s device and activity, XNSPY is an excellent choice, and other reviews feel the same way. It is not detectable on stealth mode and has a reliable and efficient performance that you will love.