Home Theater and Home Automation Training Drives Higher Profits

4k tv home theaterOne of the most important details in maintaining an efficient and highly motivated home theater and home automation installation team is proper training.  While some personnel appreciate the investment in time and money that training requires more than others, it is essential to ensure that jobs are consistently finished on time and on budget.

Since the world of audio video products has become more and more intertwined with advanced technologies like smart phones and tablets the level of understanding of the basics of networking, IP (Internet Protocol), cloud computing, and basic programming have become more important than ever.  Having an installation staff that can quickly and efficiently diagnose problems when they come up can literally save you thousands of dollars a year.

The Advantages of Training

There are a couple of big benefits that can quickly be realized from investing money in training your personnel on a regular basis.  For one your staff will understand that you are making a long-term investment in them.  This provides them with the peace of mind that you expect them to be around for the long haul.  You appreciate their talents and want to help them hone their skills so that they become a more valuable asset for your business, and also for themselves.

This can often have a very positive impact on their levels of self-confidence.  While this might sound trivial to some, a confident technical staff is a very valuable asset.  This confidence allows them to quickly identify and diagnose problems whether they be in hardware or the system design itself.

It also has a significant impact on your bottom line.  Home automation companies rely upon their customers to finish jobs time and on budget to insure their profitability.

Many of today’s training classes (from industry leaders like Crestron) include live troubleshooting events that allow participants to sharpen and hone their troubleshooting skills to a degree that often takes months or years of field experience.  This allows technicians to learn the correct process of troubleshooting electronic devices without the pressure of being in a customers’ home.  Once these skills are learned in a training environment they can quickly be repeated in the field.

For many integrators the ability to close out jobs can be a struggle.  This is typically directly related to being able to finish a punch list of items that need to be finished before the client will sign the final check.  It’s at times like these when solid troubleshooting skills can be invaluable.  Knowing you have a technician that you can send out on-site to quickly wrap up a project can have a serious impact on your cash flow and bottom line.

Long Term Results

While tenure at one particular job or another has certainly been reduced in recent years, there are still ways to drive employee loyalty on a consistent basis.  Consistent investment in employee training has been show to be a highly effective method of doing just that.  Employees have a higher level of confidence when speaking about technical details of home theater installations and more.

While some businesses require their employees to sign a contract based on their continuation of work after money is invested in their training, many businesses prefer to establish a solid relationship with their employees that engenders mutual trust.  Over the long haul these types of employer-employee relationships can be rewarding to both the business and it’s employees.  In the end, everyone makes more money and gets more satisfaction from their jobs.