Integrator Spotlight: Atlanta Home Theater

Taking Home Theater to the Next Level

At Atlanta Home Theater in Roswell, GA they are all about going all out. In business since 1996, they have recently expanded into 15,000 square foot showroom. If you’ve ever wanted to see what the ultimate in home theater and home automation looks like, you need to take a peek inside their doors. In what was originally designed to be a custom home, they showcase everything an automated home should be. And with a strong focus on simple, intuitive controls, they are doing it right in my book.

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Atlanta Home Theater’s Philosophy

I don’t usually gush over a particular integrator. But when one company does everything to exacting standards on every single job they sell, I feel it is justification for a little praise. Scott Ross has built a business that is designed around customer service. There is a reason why the wealthiest (and most demanding) people in Atlanta choose to use his company over any other. He delivers on the expectations he sets with his clients.

The staff has dozens of years of training and experience in every possible area of home theater, home automation, distributed audio, and more. The installation team operates like a well-oiled machine.

During the sales and design process, Scott pull from the experience of his team to ensure that everything their client wants can be delivered on time and on budget. They then work closely with their clients architects and designers to ensure that every aspect of their installation runs as smoothly as possible. When just about every contractor they come in contact recommends them, you know they’re doing something right.

Picking the Right Products

Whether you’re talking about a surround sound system or a full smart home system the equipment you choose is hugely important. Reliability is key. Breakdowns in a system reflect poorly upon the company that installs them. That means even if you do everything right, consistently defective products make you look bad.

AHT relies upon such heavy hitters as Crestron, Control4, Krell, Wilson Audio, and Definitive Technologies. This product mix gives them the features and performance their customers want, balanced by the reliability that is key in running a business built around electronics. They even carry a couple lines of custom home theater seating.

Many dealers become hypnotized by the big dollar signs of high end equipment sales and lose track of how important reliability is. In the end, these components actually end up costing them money.

Keep It Simple Stupid

I know I’m always harping on making remote controls easy. But this is one area of a custom integration that can literally make or break your business. Customers that are able to easily and reliably control even the most complex systems are going to be happy. Those that have to struggle and constantly call for support will not. If you’re not leveraging this side of your business you should be. Every home owner has been through having to use half a dozen remotes to get their system on.

If you can take this pain away, you will be a hero and the referrals will roll in. If you’re interested in seeing what AHT can do for you, check out their new showroom at 10410 Swaybranch Drive, Roswell GA 30075. Or check out their website. They have an impressive portfolio of home theater installations.

In the end a business is only as good as it’s parts. And AHT has put together an impressive team.  If you want to see what an impressive list of referrals looks like, check out the Atlanta Home Theater listing on Citypages.  This is what doing business the right way for nearly two decades looks like.


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