iKeyMonitor Review: Solid But Not the Best

iKeyMonitor has been in the cell phone tracking business for almost a decade. It’s a solid choice when it comes to discretely spying on someone else’s cell phone. But how does it stack up to some of some of the newer products out there? In this iKeyMonitor review I’ll compare it to some of the most popular phone surveillance apps on the market.

Kids these days turn out to be more tech-savvy as each new tech innovation comes out. This can be good for their development as they can learn a lot from technology and how it works.

But there are dangers to the internet as various things online aren’t meant for kids and could be damaging for their development.

Below, let’s see if iKeyMonitor is the device monitoring app for you.

My iKeyMonitor Review

Easemon has been in the business of offering key security solutions for employers and corporations through their advanced monitoring software.

iKeyMonitor is a separate product targeted specifically towards parents aiming to keep track of their child’s online actions.

This can help you check if the sites are child safe and if your children expose themselves to topics and media that aren’t suitable for them.

iKeyMonitor also provides you with remote account access, keystroke monitoring, automated screenshots, multimedia control, and more.

Features and Pricing

iKeyMonitor uses similar security protocols you’d find in business monitoring systems but specifically geared towards maximizing your child’s safety online. iKeyMonitor has the following main features:

  • Single App Control
  • Website Control and Filtering
  • Call and Messaging Control
  • Geo-fencing
  • Screen time scheduling
  • App control and customized notifications
  • Multimedia Monitoring

Single App Control

iKeyMonitor is a discreet and lightweight spy app you can install on any iOS or Android cell phone. The app works within the target device and applies the necessary security features for all-around parental control.

The app is security locked towards the parent controlling it, so only you can access and change security permissions.

The iKeyMonitor stealth mode allows it to run in the target device’s background, while its tamper-proof security feature ensures secure access through a password or customizable URL.

Remote Access

You can even access the iKeyMonitor app on the target device remotely through your own app on your personal smartphone device. You won’t need to continually access the target device physically just to check activity history or change permissions.

You can upload your logs to a separate drive, share access to other users, and even synchronize settings remotely just in case you decide to change permissions on the go.

Full remote access gives you the ultimate monitoring ability over your child’s device, so you can check on them easily while at work or out on errands. If anything suspicious is happening to your child’s gadget, you’ll know.

Website Control and Filtering

A staple feature that any security monitoring software should have is being able to monitor properly websites visited by the target device.

Use iKeyMonitor to monitor your child’s online activity and website visits to ensure they visit age-appropriate websites.

The instant the device connects to an inappropriate and potentially dangerous website, you will be notified so you can properly discuss this with your child on the importance of safety when browsing the web.

Keylogging and Screen Capturing

The iKeyMonitor review system takes into account keystrokes placed on the Safari/Chrome browsers so you can pinpoint any potential websites that your child may have planned on visiting so you can nip any dangerous web encounters in the bud.

Screenshots are also captured in the event of a potentially dangerous website visit.

This, as well as the website title log, can help you identify some of the websites your child visits to properly ascertain whether the website is inappropriate for them or not.

Any online web browsing on the device is under control with iKeyMonitor so that you can protect them from bad influences that may lurk in dangerous websites.

Call & Messaging Control

Texting and calling have brought about a revolution in how people communicate.

Considering how fast these technologies have developed, it has been increasingly difficult to ensure your child’s safety when communicating through text messages and other chat platforms.

As such, the iKeyMonitor review system enables you to monitor messages sent and received, as well as call records, so that you can make sure when your child is using social media, they aren’t sent any inappropriate messages or invitations for calls.

Messaging Control

Message monitoring goes beyond standard text messages and extends towards the popular messaging apps now like Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many more.

It isn’t limited to just sent and received messages either as iKeyMonitor can log keystrokes as well, meaning you can see even unsent messages and drafts as each key pressed is logged on the system.

You can even set iKeyMonitor to take screenshots during pre-set conditions, meaning if the device starts a new chat or another set behavior, it takes and logs an automatic screenshot so you can see for yourself the action taken.

Call Monitoring

iKeyMonitor can record call logs and note time-stamps on the device to ensure your child isn’t talking to anyone dangerous over the phone. For added security, iKeyMonitor can also record the call in question so you can play it back as well.

iKeyMonitor can also make use of the cell phone microphone as well, picking up surrounding voices and noise so that you can see what or who your child is currently with.

GPS tracking

GPS and other various location services are currently in use by the majority of social media platforms.

While the original intention for these GPS tracking methods was for increased online personalization and location-based marketing, it has since been used by some individuals to locate and track specific people.

iKeyMonitor gives you control with the GPS location systems found on social media and allows you to control the device’s location services. It also allows you to consistently track the device via the same GPS within the gadget.


As the name suggests, Geo-fencing allows you to “fence” a specific location via GPS to ensure safe zones for your kids to be in. If one of your children steps out of these special geo-fenced zones, you will be notified instantly.

Included in these exit logs are time stamps and visit frequency so you can properly monitor your child’s movements when outside or even at home.

Screen Time Scheduling

Screen time is one of the key metrics for measuring how much time your child spends on their device.

Some studies have shown that too much screen time can lead to irregular sleep patterns, poor social skills, and other behavioral problems.

Any parent knows they can’t have their eye on their kid 24/7, especially when it comes to their gadgets. iKeyMonitor gives you the power to set when and how much time your kid is allowed on their device within a specific time frame.


iKeyMonitor has a flexible system available for how long and what conditions your child has when it comes to device screen time.

You can set it at a specific time in the day, say bedtime or homework time, so that your kid doesn’t have access to devices at these times.

You can also set it as a duration limit, where after a certain amount of time, you can start limiting the screen time for a set amount of time.

This is useful if you find that your kid overdoes his time on the gadget and needs to learn how to bring his screen time lower gradually.

App Control and Monitoring

Not every app is suitable for kids. In fact, some apps might be downright dangerous for kids to use.

Using iKeyMonitor allows you to block certain apps and limit their use, and put in place temporary blocks to lower usage of specific apps without removing it from the device completely.

You’ll also be able to monitor any of the installed apps on the device to see which apps might be new and unknowingly installed on the gadget.

You’ll have a complete view of what’s on the gadget at all times, a must-have now that many apps pose to be safe while actually being a dangerous spy app.

Multimedia Monitoring

File sharing is one of the hallmarks of modern technologies. You can easily copy and duplicate any piece of media on the internet with a click of a button.

This may also mean your kid can get access and copy anything malicious individuals may send to them and have it saved on their phones.

It may also be dangerous to have your kid downloading and saving videos that may have violence or pornography and potentially sharing it with others.

To avoid any issues with this, iKeyMonitor has an integrated multimedia monitoring system that reviews your kid’s photos or videos on their gadget. You’ll never be caught off guard with something they have on their phone that they aren’t supposed to.

Video Monitoring

iKeyMonitor’s video monitoring service allows you to record the videos stored on the device, as well as the videos recently recorded through the phone. You’ll also be able to see where each video originates from to better monitor how exactly videos came to be on the gadget.

This kind of information is beneficial for guiding your children through what is and isn’t proper to consume at their age.

If it comes to it, the video source monitoring can also be used as evidence against malicious individuals intending to send explicit material to your children.

Photo Monitoring

iKeyMonitor also monitors the photo gallery of the phone or gadget, giving you full access to what’s in your child’s phone as well as who sent it.

You’ll be able to source which app the photo comes from, as well as discern which photos were screenshots or digitally downloaded from a different website.

As an additional feature, you can utilize the phone camera to take photos remotely. This is a unique feature to get a glimpse of what your kid might be currently looking at.

An instant snapshot of their surroundings is incredibly useful during emergency situations where your kid might be in an unfamiliar area.


iKeyMonitor has a base version that comes free, with all that’s required for you to do is sign up for a free account.

For more premium services, including most of what we’ve discussed above, you’ll want to opt for their paid services.

Below we layout what comes with each version so that you have an idea of what you’re getting with each subscription level.

Free Basic

The free basic version of iKeyMonitor generally acts as the free trial for the software. They do have a free trial that doesn’t expire and doesn’t include annoying advertisements than other free trial services.

This version is iKeyMonitor’s base program, which includes:

  • Discreet & Tamper Proof Security
  • Call history & Text Messages monitoring
  • GPS Locations & Geo-fencing
  • Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Reminders, and Voice Memo monitor
  • Wifi Connection Logs


The online version of iKeyMonitor is the definitive version of their software program, coming with the monitoring features that encompass much of what’s online and on the target device.

This version includes all of the features of the free plan and adds on the majority of the features that make this program an impressive monitoring program.

Some features of note included in this version are the online logging and report database, different chat platform monitoring, and the app control and filtering function.

Their pricing methods are as follows:

  • $ 9.99 for 3 days
  • $ 29.16 monthly (1-year contract)


As a normal consumer, you may not need additional infrastructure, but business owners may be interested in the wider and self-hosted system.

You’ll need to contact iKeyMonitor directly for a quote on this package as pricing would differ depending on need and scale.

It includes everything from the basic free plan and online services through the server and can only be operated by an android OS.

Jailbroken and Rooted Phones

Due to how iOS and Android devices work, not every function intended by iKeyMonitor works on the inherent OS systems found on most gadgets.

While iKeyMonitor still works on standard OS systems, you can find that most of their features are unlocked through jailbreaking or rooting devices.

Only jailbreak or root your phones when you absolutely know how to do it to avoid any digital mishap. Some third-party services can do these services for you but be warned that doing so voids the warranty included with your phones.

Jailbroken vs. Non-Jailbroken iPhones

Jailbreaking an iPhone is a popular method of opening up the normally closed systems on Apple’s iPhones. It typically requires a separate third-party program to open the system and allow more intricate function systems.

iPhone’s native systems, and by extension Apple’s, are known to be very strict by OS standards. Much of Apple’s functionality derives from its exclusivity within their own platform. Hence, the non-jailbroken version for iPhones is limited in scope versus jailbroken iPhones.

Below are the features not in the non-jailbroken (native OS) versions. These include:

  • Listening to surroundings
  • Automated photo and screenshot capturing
  • Keystroke monitoring
  • Specific chat monitoring
  • App and Screen time control

Rooted vs. Non-Rooted Androids

Android devices are naturally more open-ended for developers to get access to compared to Apple’s iOS. But Android devices have their own version of system unlocking called rooting.

Since Android devices are more accessible compared to iOS, the non-rooted version of the app can do most that the rooted version can, save viewing website history, Snapchat pictures, and Facebook activities.

A Better Alternative to iKeyMonitor

Although iKeyMonitor does well enough in their device monitoring systems, they don’t have the best set up procedures for iPhones and their pricing models aren’t flexible to different plans.

That’s why I also recommend mSpy as an alternative to iKeyMonitor to meet your needs for a proper device spy app for iOS devices.

For Android’s my favorite apps are SPYIC and Cocospy.

With its improved set-up methods, better UI, 24/7 tech support, and flexible payment plans, mSpy or XNSPY (see my XNSPY review here) might be the better option for you.

Easier Installation and Setup

mSpy acknowledges the difficulties regarding jailbreaking/rooting devices. That’s why, compared to iKeyMonitor, mSpy strives to provide the most features regardless if your phone is jailbroken/rooted or not.

Some companies like FlexiSPY have actually started offering phones with their product pre-installed so that customers don’t have to go through the rooting or jailbreaking process.

This comes especially handy for iPhone users. mSpy doesn’t require iOS installation anymore on non-jailbroken phones. You don’t even need to have the iPhone with you to set up the monitoring functions mSpy has.

All you need for mSpy’s iPhone set up is the Apple ID credentials of the user, as well as iCloud synchronization set up properly.

With these two things in check, you can monitor texts, calls, apps, web history, and more. With iKeyMonitor, you can only do a fraction of mSpy’s iPhone monitoring functionality.

Better UI and Restriction Options

iKeyMonitor’s UI, while fully online operational, isn’t as organized as mSpy’s online platform.

Each function is neatly organized within their appropriate groups, namely General Features, Locations, Social Networks, Internet Usage, and Restricted Permissions.

With iKeyMonitor, you’ll need to sift through each alert on a multi-icon dashboard. With mSpy, you can easily collapse areas you’re not paying attention to so you don’t lose any important notifications.

Each monitoring function does it’s best to mimic the look and feel of the monitored app, so you have the best context available, including all media shared.

mSpy also offers additional blocking services, while iKeyMonitor focuses squarely on spying on actions.

With mSpy, you can actively block access to websites, wifi spots, specific websites, and even specific numbers. You’ll never need to worry about your child being exposed to dangerous and/or malicious materials online.

24/7 Tech Support

A highlight feature of mSpy is their 24/7 customer support that’s available to all users who are subscribed to their platform.

Even if you’re still in the consideration phase, you can easily shoot their dedicated support team a message, and they will do their best to help out with what you need.

iKeyMonitor has many features, but with a roster of set-up features, you may get lost just trying to configure your settings for your kids.

mSpy gives you the option to reach out to them at any time for help with configuring filter settings, monitored apps, and all other features that are present within the app.

More Flexible Pricing

iKeyMonitor has a strange pricing system, with around $10 for a 3-day pass and an odd $30 for a monthly pass pre-paid for 1-year.

mSpy has a more direct pricing method, following a standard software pricing method you might be familiar with. They also include a free trial for users who aren’t sure just yet. All you will need to do is sign up, and you can avail of this free plan to see what the program has to offer.

mSpy separates its payment options into three different durations: 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months. you can see the breakdown here as follows

  • 1-month plan: 60 USD
  • 3 months plan: 34 USD monthly
  • 12 months plan: 15 USD monthly

As you can see, the 12-month plan for mSpy comes out cheaper per month compared to iKeyMonitor. With more features at a cheaper price per month, mSpy comes out to be our recommended monitor for you.

What to Look for in Parental Control Software

Security monitoring software has been around for as long as devices have needed better security control. Companies like Highster Mobile, SPYIC, and mSpy allow you to keep tabs on your children’s phones and activities.

This is useful for companies who want to ensure sensitive data doesn’t leak but has recently found itself in parents’ hands to monitor their child’s activity better online.

Different types of software provide different features. Ideally, you need your software to do the following:

  • Control and filter website access
  • Enable multimedia screening (for videos and pictures)
  • Monitor screen-time
  • Monitor SMS and Call functions

Let’s see how iKeyMonitor can help manage your child’s online activity.


A monitoring system for the device your children use most often is growing more and more necessary as the internet social media develops past our ability to monitor physically.

If you want your kid safe while they use their cell phone, the mySpy app and its many monitoring features are invaluable that helps you monitor your child efficiently and even remotely.

Whether you use iKeyMonitor or mSpy, you’ll be able to keep your children safe from malicious and dangerous elements online.

If ever you’re in doubt, try out a free plan and see how either the iKeyMonitor app or our recommended mSpy app can give you peace of mind today.