Highster Mobile Spy Review

review of Highster Mobile phone spy app

This Highster Mobile review describes the software’s key features and explains what you need to know before you make a purchase.

Cell phone monitoring software can help you to keep tabs on the phone use of a child or an employee, to establish appropriate usage guidelines or to monitor spending.

Some apps accomplish this more gracefully than others. While Highster has become fairly popular because of their pricing structure, I had a hard time getting it to work consistently on some of our phones. This put it at number 4 in our cell phone spy app competition.

My Highster Mobile Review

Highster is made by ILF Mobile Apps, a New York-based company that specializes in mobile security. Earlier software releases were able to locate a device within 50 feet. The latest version, Highster 7, can pinpoint a device’s location to a distance of just a couple of feet. Highster 7 added a keystroke logger, enhanced GPS tracking and additional social media monitoring capabilities to its existing feature set.


  • The program runs in stealth mode to monitor calls, texts, contact information and GPS location without being detected.
  • You do not need to root Android phones to install the software.
  • If you are monitoring a no jailbreak system, you do not need to install the software on the device.
  • Installation is fully automated and requires very little user input.
  • The product can be downloaded directly to the target device and is ready to use within minutes.
  • Highster integrates GPS and Google Maps on monitored iPhones and iPads.


  • The software is compatible only with iOS and Android platforms.
  • You need to have the target device in your possession to install the software.
  • To monitor an iOS system, you need to know the Apple ID and password for the account that is used by the device.

Features and Benefits

Highster is compatible with all versions of no jailbreak devices, including iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The software works on all no jailbreak iPads and iOS versions 7 through 12.2, but has restricted social monitoring features on no jailbreak devices.

There is no need to install the software on no jailbreak systems but you need to enable iCloud backup on the monitored device. After that, you can remotely track the device by entering its Apple ID and password on the monitoring console of your own computer.

Highster can be installed on jailbreak devices that are running iPhone versions 6 to 8.4, including iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Installation on jailbreak devices affords full social media monitoring capabilities but must be done correctly because jailbreaking may render the iOS device unusable.

Highster works on all versions of Android 2.1 or later. Rooting is required to monitor messaging apps and to track activity on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Call monitoring

Highster records phone messages and logs the time and date of all calls, phone numbers dialed and duration of each call. This feature includes live call listening and recording, which can be useful when immediate action is necessary to curtail the negative consequences of a specific contact.

Social media monitoring

Highster monitors activity on popular apps, including Skype, WhatsApp, BBM, Viber, Line, Twitter, WeChat, Kik and Messenger. You can also view Instagram posts that are accessed by the device. Since the vast majority of social interactions are connected to social media platforms, the ability to monitor use of these apps can be invaluable if you need to develop a complete picture of the user’s activities.

Contact monitoring

The software saves contact information from messages and emails, including any additional data that is saved to the device’s address book and calendar.

Internet activity tracking

The program records browser history and bookmarks that are saved on the device’s browser, which allows you to monitor if your child or employees are accessing inappropriate or disallowed online content.

Text and email tracking

Highster records date, time and sender information for all text and email messages. You can retrieve deleted texts and email, including their multimedia content, which is a great advantage when the device user has deleted messages to avoid discovery.

Location monitoring

The on-demand feature provides device location upon your command and remotely activates the device’s camera to capture the phone’s surroundings. This feature can be helpful when the monitored device enters an off-limit setting, since you can immediately request a report of the location along with a photo of the surroundings. On monitored iPads and iPhones, device location history is displayed on Google Maps.

Surrounds listening and recording

Highster supports secret microphone activation and lets you listen remotely to sounds that occur in the phone’s environment. Surrounding noises offer important cues about a user’s whereabouts and can complement knowledge gained from call logs and message records.

Keystroke logger

Highster logs keystrokes that are entered and saves user names and passwords to a log file. The keystroke logger saves messages from social media apps and makes it possible to retrieve text that has been deleted by the user.

Access to multi-media files

Highster stores media files, including date and time information, and makes these available for later viewing.

Security features

This software offers remote device locking and remote uninstall, which can be valuable if the monitored phone is ever lost or stolen.

Is Highster the Best Spy App?

Highster compares fairly well to other spy apps in our comparison.  It incorporates features that are similar to those offered our favorite product. Both programs work only with Android and iOS systems, but mSpy integrates geo-fencing, remote wiping and SIM card tampering alerts into its platform. We would not hesitate to recommend Highster but still prefer mSpy because of the excellent technical support that is provided by that company.

Highster installation requires a one-time payment of $69.99, which allows you to access all the features that are available with this software. The manufacturer offers free lifetime upgrades with no monthly account maintenance fees. There are no additional charges for technical support.

The cost of the Mspy basic plan is $29.99 while premium coverage costs $69.99 per month. If you need long-term monitoring, purchasing the premium plan in quarterly or annual installments can save money. The monthly cost of the premium plan is $39.99 with quarterly payments or $16.66 if payment is made annually.

What to Know Before You Buy Spy Software

Device monitoring software is ideal for anyone who needs to remotely track the phone use of a child or an employee. This type of software can help you to track employee compliance with company policy or to monitor whether your child is safe when you are not present.

Cell phone monitoring software makes it possible to track a user’s activities in social circles by allowing you to monitor emails, chats, texts and device location. You should feel comfortable with invisibly tracking someone else’s phone use because you will be monitoring the phone without that person’s knowledge.

The software reviewed in this article supports only iOS and Android devices. If the device you wish to monitor is not one of the supported platforms, there are alternative spyware programs that are compatible with platforms like Blackberry and Windows.

Most cell phone monitoring programs have comparable features and provide effective phone use tracking. Companies differ significantly, however, in the quality of technical support, pricing, purchase terms and return policies they offer. To ensure long-term satisfaction. you may want to consider these factors when you evaluate a product’s specific features and its suitability for purchase.


This Highster Mobile review presented a monitoring solution that is well-provisioned with tracking capabilities. Highster’s unique features include surrounds listening and recording, on-demand location monitoring and integration of GPS and Google Maps for iOS devices.

In spite of Highster’s ample feature set, we prefer Mspy because of the company’s superior technical support. Highster may be a good choice for you, however, if receiving a high level of technical support is not your top consideration. This very capable software will help you to monitor the phone use of a child or employee and can be downloaded from the product’s website.

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