Home Theater Systems Go Wireless

wireless home theater system from SonosThe world of home theater is constantly evolving.  A perfect example is the new technologies available for wireless home theater systems.  Just 3 or 4 years ago attempting to install a wireless system for surround sound would’ve been an exercise in futility and frustration.  Improvements in wireless technology has dramatically changed this part of the industry.

The Big Names

One of the biggest names in wireless audio is Sonos.  And although the company is relatively new, they have had a huge impact on the home AV and theater market.  By simplifying their systems to the point that they can be installed and calibrated in a matter of hours they have carved out a niche for themselves that has allowed their revenues to grow enormously in the past few years.

While they’re first offerings were limited strictly to whole house audio, they have since expanded their line to include surround sound as well.  The Sonos sound bar offers full three channel functionality and can be paired up with any of the Play series speakers for surrounds.  The Sonos sub offers surprisingly good deep end given it’s small footprint.

The biggest bonus of this system other than it’s performance is that it is entirely wireless.  This makes is ideal for a whole host of circumstances where wiring a room would be inconvenient or just plain expensive.

Integrators On Board

While the Sonos systems don’t offer the same margins to dealers as other home theater systems, the simplicity with which they are set up make them very popular.  On top of that their components are very reliable and rarely need servicing.  So while they may not make as much money on the front end, when packaged as a whole house audio and home theater solution dealers can still manage to make the same profit margins as they would on equipment with higher markups.

For more information on the Sonos line of products you can check out their website.  There you will find all the information you need about how to configure a wireless home theater system for you home.  Cutting your dependency on wire is as simple as pulling out your favorite folding EDC knife and giving it a slice.

Integrating With Home Automation

One of the biggest names in home automation is Control4.  Over the last decade they have built a solid dealer base by offering reliable equipment that is both easy to install and easy to program.  Control4 home automation dealers are one of the most loyal groups in the industry.

Control4 integrates extremely well with the Sonos system, delivering a robust wireless music system that is easy for homeowners to use and simple for dealers to install and configure.