Cocospy Review: Powerful Cell Phone Surveillance

There are literally dozens of spy apps on the market in 2020.

Picking the right one can seem challenging since most of them offer VERY similar features.

When the team at Cocospy asked me to do a review of their product I wasn’t expecting any surprises.

But I have to admit, it performed really well and earned a spot in my top Android spy apps.

In this Cocospy review you’ll learn:

  • why Cocospy is one of my top three surveillance apps
  • what it will and will NOT show you on Androids and iPhones
  • my experience with installing and using the product
  • a surprising experience I had with their tech support

Technology changes fast, making it hard to keep up phone security and encryption.

Choosing a spy app that keeps up with these changes is important if you want to make sure you can monitor someone’s phone discretely.

An Overview of Cocospy

cocospy logo

Cocospy is a comprehensive spy app for both Android and iOS devices.

Cocospy was developed with parents and employers in mind to enable you to monitor their online behavior through their respective mobile devices.

Cocospy gets its experience from almost a wide range of security experts, IT strategists, researchers, and developers all aimed to tackle modern cyber-security threats.

Since many apps like this exist, they continually update Cocospy to keep an eye on the latest developments in technology.

With support in 190 countries, Cocospy gives you the best spy app possible for stealthy monitoring of your children and the people you care about.

Cocospy: Features and Capabilities

cocospy dashboard

Cocospy delivers a powerful spy app through discreet software that can monitor multiple devices at the same time. This proves immensely useful for either parental control or employee data risk management.

While the monitoring software market is full of apps like Cocospy, there remain several key features that Cocospy has that give it a notable advantage.

Discrete Phone Monitoring App

As with any app designed to discretely spy one someone’s phone, Cocospy remains completely hidden.

You can see them clearly as a regular app on your app list, which can easily be accessed by or deleted by anyone who is currently using the device.

If this remains true for all apps, then there wouldn’t be many effective spy apps out there.

With Cocospy, you won’t have this issue as it installs differently than the usual apps you would find on the app store.

Cocospy and the app itself will be hidden from the standard user interface found on the phone. Special access is required to reconfigure and delete any settings that are currently on the app.

Remote Access

You can access all of the Cocospy features remotely via your control app on your personal smartphone device, so regular physical check-ins with the target device would be rendered unnecessary.

The app also collates all the reports gathered from monitoring to send to your personal email address or the Cocospy online server so you can easily forward it to other concerned parties.

iPhone/iOS Version

Like all the other spy apps on the market Cocospy requires you to install the app on any Android device.

For the iOS version, you don’t need to worry about stealth as no app installation is necessary to monitor the target device.

Like mSpy, uMobix, and SPYIC’s iPhone spy apps you will simply log into the online control panel and input the target device’s iCloud credentials. Ensure also that two-factor authentication isn’t set in place as this disrupts the Cocospy monitoring service.

Use Cocospy to monitor different iOS functions like iMessaging and the notes app.

Remote installation is also possible for this as the iCloud credentials can be set from any device as long as it’s the same one being used by the target device.

Browser Monitoring

Cocospy works by monitoring online behavior through different platforms. Naturally, part of the Cocospy monitoring system consists of a browser history to strictly review different websites that the target device visited.

This comes especially useful with how intuitive the internet has become, where a simple search can lead you to a multitude of websites.

However, this comes with its own caveats, as a typo can lead you to web areas that you may not have intended. These areas can be dangerous in terms of potential security risks or explicit materials.

Use Cocospy to monitor any device’s browsing activity without physically opening the browser on the device itself. Additional data points you can pull include visitation frequency, website titles, and timestamps for better analysis.

You can start worrying less when managing your children’s or your employees’ online behavior, lessening their risk to the constantly evolving environment of online risks.

Cocospy will notify you in the event that a restricted website has been visited.

Social Media Monitoring

The brunt of dangers most people are commonly aware of coming from social media. Predators, hackers, and thieves post themselves as harmless users with dangerous ulterior motives lurking beneath.

It’s even reached the point in which dedicated organizations are set up to protect vulnerable children from the dangers of social media.

Monitoring social media can be tricky to do manually. That’s why Cocospy enables you to monitor several different apps at the same time. The Cocospy app can review most online interactions taking place in apps such as WhatsApp, Tinder, Messenger, and more.

Media Files Viewer

What’s a spy app if it can’t view the media that is being hidden on a target device?

That’s why Cocospy comes with an integrated media files viewer, which can view various files, such as photos and videos being shared across different messaging platforms.

The Cocospy app can monitor saved media on the device so you can make sure nothing explicit is being saved.

App List View

Apps constantly change to meet different trends in culture. With some apps presenting more dangers than others, some may pose as innocent social media apps while, in reality, being covert malicious spy apps.

To protect your children and/or your employees, Cocospy can monitor which apps are currently installed on the phone, as well as when they were installed.

You can even choose to block specific apps you find dangerous or inappropriate to have on either your child’s phone or your employee’s work phone.

Call and SMS Monitoring

Device security risks are not just limited to the online environment.

Texts and calls can be just as dangerous, with shady individuals posing as “innocent” random surveys or giveaways but with the ulterior motive of data theft and potential abuse.

You can use the Cocospy app to regularly monitor calls and text messages that the device makes and receives.

This includes incoming and outgoing text messages and even text messages that have been deleted. Cocospy also takes note of frequently contacted numbers, call duration.

Keylogging, or Keyloggers

The Cocospy app has a powerful feature known as keylogging. While keyloggers are normally found on malicious software attempting to steal data, Cocospy turns this into a monitoring feature so that you can see typed out keys through the online control panel.

This can enable you to monitor and analyze even potential activity on the device, be it through SMS, chat room, and more.

GPS Location

GPS tracking has been on-the-rise due to various reasons, such as digital marketing or enhanced navigation systems. You can make this consistently developing technology work in your favor through Cocospy.

Cocospy can utilize internal GPS systems to act as a real-time geo-locator.

Cocospy can monitor your children at the park or where your employees are out on the field. Just make sure the device is consistently connected online for accurate measurement of location.


A relatively new application of GPS technology is known as geo-fencing. Marketing companies and smart navigation systems have used it to better service you based on your geographical location.

Cocospy uses geo-fencing to effectively contain your target device movements within a specified geographical area.

Simply set the boundaries for movement, say your home or your office, during a specific time period. Cocospy will notify you if at any time it finds the device leaves the specified area.

Cocospy Pricing

Cocospy uses the standard software packaging that you often see online, split into 3 durations: 1-month, 3-months, and 12-months. You can see the different pricing methods below.

Basic Plan

The cheapest option for you would be the Cocospy Basic App plan. This gives you a standard suite of monitoring services that you can find on most spy apps. Currently, this plan is only available to Android and is laid out below:


  • $39.99 for 1-month
  • $19.99 monthly for 3-months ($59.99 total payment)
  • $8.33 monthly for 12-months ($99.99 total payment)


  • Call Logs and Text Messages
  • GPS Tracking
  • Browser History
  • Photo and Video Viewer
  • Contacts and Bookmarks Overview

Though this is the cheapest option available for an Android device monitor, many of the robust features are available, such as the keylogger and chat monitoring systems.

If you want to completely monitor devices, the Cocospy premium app might be the better option for you.


The standard experience for Cocospy would have to be through their Premium app plan package.

This plan sets itself apart from most spy apps and is the best deal for how many features you get. See how the Cocospy premium plan is below:


  • $49.99 for 1-month
  • $23.33 monthly for 3-months ($69.99 total payment)
  • $9.99 monthly for 12-months ($119.99 total payment)
  • $49.99 for 1-month
  • $26.66 monthly for 3-months ($79.99 total payment)
  • $10.83 monthly for 12-months ($129.99 total payment)


  • Call Logs and Text Messages
  • Social Media Monitor (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & more)
  • SIM Card Tracker and Alert System
  • GPS Tracking
  • Application List
  • Photo and Video Viewer
  • Browser History
  • Contacts, Bookmarks, Calendar Overview
  • Keylogger
  • Call Logs, Text Messages, and iMessage
  • GPS Tracking
  • Browser History
  • Photo and Video Viewer
  • Limited Social Media Monitor
  • Application List
  • Contacts and Calendar Overview

Unlike the Cocospy Basic App version, the Premium version is available for both Android and iOS systems. However, it is important to note that not all the features are available cross-platform.


The Cocospy family plan, and later on the business plan, is basically the Cocospy premium plan but packaged for multiple devices (3 for Android and 5 for iOS). You can see how the price breaks down below:


  • $69.99 for 1-month
  • $33.33 monthly for 3-months ($99.99 total payment)
  • $16.66 monthly for 12-months ($199.99 total payment)
  • $99.99 for 1-month
  • $66.66 monthly for 3-months ($199.99 total payment)
  • $33.33 monthly for 12-months ($399.99 total payment)


As mentioned a while ago, the Cocospy Business app package is the premium monitoring service packaged for multiple accounts. This specific plan is only available for iOS, which you can see the breakdown for below:


  • $399.99 for 1-month
  • $233.33 for 3-months ($699.99 total payment)
  • $83.33 for 12-months ($999.99 total payment)

Important Note on iOS versus Android

Apple iOS and Android OS differ in more ways than just branding.

The easiest way to explain is that Apple iOS is better known for its closed app system, which keeps all development and systems Apple-exclusive. Android, on the other hand, has a more flexible and open app system, which allows for easier developer access.

This means the target device monitoring capabilities will differ greatly due to each operating system’s different native permissions.

Jailbroken/Rooted vs. Native OS

If you want to get a wider range of Cocospy features for monitoring and parental control, you’ll need to Jailbreak (iOS) or Root (Android) your device. This means downloading a third-party program to remove security protocols and change system permissions.

Do not attempt to do any of these tasks without proper knowledge of how this can damage your iOS or Android device. Improper set-up can potentially break the target device.

An Alternative to Cocospy

Despite all the features that Cocospy has, it still lacks certain advanced features that my favorite spy app offers.

That’s why I highly recommend an alternative to Cocospy, a similarly powerful monitoring app known as SpyIC.

SPYIC or mSpy

SPYIC was developed as a stealthy and discreet spy app for parents and employers looking to monitor target devices.

With 5 years of experience in the market as well as a global footprint, you can be assured that it has the quality features you look for in most spy apps.

mSpy has been in the market for a long time too and continues to create innovative products. Click here to read my full mSpy review.

Better UI with Blocking Features

User Interface, or UI, can influence how well you can use an app based on its design and ease-of-access.

SPYIC uses a completely discreet app so you can monitor your target device without the other party being aware of it. The control panel app is well-organized and functional, able to filter and group data the way you see fit.

Unlike other spy apps, you can also choose to actively block apps and websites you don’t find appropriate to have on the target phone, sort of nipping any potential risks in the bud.

Automated Updating

SPYIC makes consistent monitoring easier with an automated updating system that you can set to update the online control panel app within a set time frame and with a minimum time round of 5 minutes.

Compared to other monitoring programs that require you to consistently check your phone to physically start a prompt, you can have confidence that the information on your monitoring app would be the latest and most updated version.

Encrypted Reports

SPYIC makes sure all the data collected remains securely locked and for your eyes only.

Data collected on a target phone can be sensitive to the user, so SPYIC encrypts all of the data being uploaded to the online database so that only you and other authorized individuals can view it.

Reports contain a comprehensive layout of target phone activity that can be organized in a variety of ways. These include frequency of use and visits to specific apps, duration of browsing, and more. SPYIC can collate all this data from one or multiple devices so that you can analyze data accordingly.

Flexible Pricing Packages

Cocospy has an admittedly limited series of phone monitoring packages, hindered by its split between the two main operating systems available on the phone market.

SPYIC simplifies this through their single price payment system for both Android and iOS. You can choose which duration you want to purchase, with longer duration coming out much cheaper to use monthly.

  • $59.49 for 1-month
  • $34.00 monthly for 3-months ($101.99 total payment)
  • $14.17 monthly for 12-months ($169.99 total payment)

Even though it seems more expensive initially, you do end up saving more due to quantity customization and cross-platform pricing.

You will be able to set the number of licenses you need for yourself at check-out, not locked to the 3/5/25 quantity that Cocospy offers.

You’ll also be able to use the same licenses across different phone operating systems, removing the price increase that Cocospy puts on its iOS phone monitoring systems.


Investing in a phone monitoring program, be it in Cocospy or SPYIC, is amazingly useful for both concerned parents and employers alike.

You can keep your sensitive data secure and protect those from the unfiltered and potentially dangerous webspace.

For the best value in a phone monitoring app, I suggest going with SPYIC due to the flexible pricing options and better features it has to offer.