It All Circles Back to Providing Excellent Service

control4 screen

When it comes to the home automation and home theater business the most important thing you can provide your client is service.  The products sold in this industry are as far away from necessities as you could possibly get.  Clients spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on components and equipment that provides no return other than their personal enjoyment.

And even if little tiny things go wrong with their system, the large amounts of money that they spent can make them feel like they’ve gotten a raw deal.  In the world of high end AV and automation there is no real resale value.  What you are selling to your client is a dream.  A dream that they can push this one button and all of these things will happen.

Perhaps they want to hear they’re favorite song throughout the house.  No problem.  Until the one time it doesn’t work.  Then it’s a problem.

How you respond to theses incidents will determine your reputation in the marketplace.  Some dealers see themselves as installers not service technicians.  This is a very shortsighted view as your reputation will soon catch up with you.

Focusing on providing your clients with the ultimate in responsive service will ensure that you have a steady stream of referrals walking through your door.