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Highster Mobile Spy Review

review of Highster Mobile phone spy app

This Highster Mobile review describes the software’s key features and explains what you need to know before you make a purchase.

Cell phone monitoring software can help you to keep tabs on the phone use of a child or an employee, to establish appropriate usage guidelines or to monitor spending.

Some apps accomplish this more gracefully than others. While Highster has become fairly popular because of their pricing structure, I had a hard time getting it to work consistently on some of our phones. This put it at number 4 in our cell phone spy app competition.

My Highster Mobile Review

Highster is made by ILF Mobile Apps, a New York-based company that specializes in mobile security. Earlier software releases were able to locate a device within 50 feet. The latest version, Highster 7, can pinpoint a device’s location to a distance of just a couple of feet. Highster 7 added a keystroke logger, enhanced GPS tracking and additional social media monitoring capabilities to its existing feature set.


  • The program runs in stealth mode to monitor calls, texts, contact information and GPS location without being detected.
  • You do not need to root Android phones to install the software.
  • If you are monitoring a no jailbreak system, you do not need to install the software on the device.
  • Installation is fully automated and requires very little user input.
  • The product can be downloaded directly to the target device and is ready to use within minutes.
  • Highster integrates GPS and Google Maps on monitored iPhones and iPads.


  • The software is compatible only with iOS and Android platforms.
  • You need to have the target device in your possession to install the software.
  • To monitor an iOS system, you need to know the Apple ID and password for the account that is used by the device.

Features and Benefits

Highster is compatible with all versions of no jailbreak devices, including iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The software works on all no jailbreak iPads and iOS versions 7 through 12.2, but has restricted social monitoring features on no jailbreak devices.

There is no need to install the software on no jailbreak systems but you need to enable iCloud backup on the monitored device. After that, you can remotely track the device by entering its Apple ID and password on the monitoring console of your own computer.

Highster can be installed on jailbreak devices that are running iPhone versions 6 to 8.4, including iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Installation on jailbreak devices affords full social media monitoring capabilities but must be done correctly because jailbreaking may render the iOS device unusable.

Highster works on all versions of Android 2.1 or later. Rooting is required to monitor messaging apps and to track activity on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Call monitoring

Highster records phone messages and logs the time and date of all calls, phone numbers dialed and duration of each call. This feature includes live call listening and recording, which can be useful when immediate action is necessary to curtail the negative consequences of a specific contact.

Social media monitoring

Highster monitors activity on popular apps, including Skype, WhatsApp, BBM, Viber, Line, Twitter, WeChat, Kik and Messenger. You can also view Instagram posts that are accessed by the device. Since the vast majority of social interactions are connected to social media platforms, the ability to monitor use of these apps can be invaluable if you need to develop a complete picture of the user’s activities.

Contact monitoring

The software saves contact information from messages and emails, including any additional data that is saved to the device’s address book and calendar.

Internet activity tracking

The program records browser history and bookmarks that are saved on the device’s browser, which allows you to monitor if your child or employees are accessing inappropriate or disallowed online content.

Text and email tracking

Highster records date, time and sender information for all text and email messages. You can retrieve deleted texts and email, including their multimedia content, which is a great advantage when the device user has deleted messages to avoid discovery.

Location monitoring

The on-demand feature provides device location upon your command and remotely activates the device’s camera to capture the phone’s surroundings. This feature can be helpful when the monitored device enters an off-limit setting, since you can immediately request a report of the location along with a photo of the surroundings. On monitored iPads and iPhones, device location history is displayed on Google Maps.

Surrounds listening and recording

Highster supports secret microphone activation and lets you listen remotely to sounds that occur in the phone’s environment. Surrounding noises offer important cues about a user’s whereabouts and can complement knowledge gained from call logs and message records.

Keystroke logger

Highster logs keystrokes that are entered and saves user names and passwords to a log file. The keystroke logger saves messages from social media apps and makes it possible to retrieve text that has been deleted by the user.

Access to multi-media files

Highster stores media files, including date and time information, and makes these available for later viewing.

Security features

This software offers remote device locking and remote uninstall, which can be valuable if the monitored phone is ever lost or stolen.

Is Highster the Best Spy App?

Highster compares fairly well to other spy apps in our comparison.  It incorporates features that are similar to those offered our favorite product. Both programs work only with Android and iOS systems, but mSpy integrates geo-fencing, remote wiping and SIM card tampering alerts into its platform. We would not hesitate to recommend Highster but still prefer mSpy because of the excellent technical support that is provided by that company.

Highster installation requires a one-time payment of $69.99, which allows you to access all the features that are available with this software. The manufacturer offers free lifetime upgrades with no monthly account maintenance fees. There are no additional charges for technical support.

The cost of the Mspy basic plan is $29.99 while premium coverage costs $69.99 per month. If you need long-term monitoring, purchasing the premium plan in quarterly or annual installments can save money. The monthly cost of the premium plan is $39.99 with quarterly payments or $16.66 if payment is made annually.

What to Know Before You Buy Spy Software

Device monitoring software is ideal for anyone who needs to remotely track the phone use of a child or an employee. This type of software can help you to track employee compliance with company policy or to monitor whether your child is safe when you are not present.

Cell phone monitoring software makes it possible to track a user’s activities in social circles by allowing you to monitor emails, chats, texts and device location. You should feel comfortable with invisibly tracking someone else’s phone use because you will be monitoring the phone without that person’s knowledge.

The software reviewed in this article supports only iOS and Android devices. If the device you wish to monitor is not one of the supported platforms, there are alternative spyware programs that are compatible with platforms like Blackberry and Windows.

Most cell phone monitoring programs have comparable features and provide effective phone use tracking. Companies differ significantly, however, in the quality of technical support, pricing, purchase terms and return policies they offer. To ensure long-term satisfaction. you may want to consider these factors when you evaluate a product’s specific features and its suitability for purchase.


This Highster Mobile review presented a monitoring solution that is well-provisioned with tracking capabilities. Highster’s unique features include surrounds listening and recording, on-demand location monitoring and integration of GPS and Google Maps for iOS devices.

In spite of Highster’s ample feature set, we prefer Mspy because of the company’s superior technical support. Highster may be a good choice for you, however, if receiving a high level of technical support is not your top consideration. This very capable software will help you to monitor the phone use of a child or employee and can be downloaded from the product’s website.

review of FlexiSpy Extreme

FlexiSpy Review

our Flexispy reviews cover all the bases

As a parent, one of my biggest stress factors would be my kids, who also happen to be teenagers who swear by their smartphones. With my harried schedule, it’s difficult to keep tabs on them.

I knew I had to find an easy way to at least be sure they were safe and using their time wisely. Not doing so could easily lead to things spiraling out of control.

Our FlexiSPY Review

The advanced spy software FlexiSPY offers thorough monitoring that many of the competitors don’t offer. It offers features like text and email monitoring, app controls, media viewing and phone tracking.

If you’re gung ho about spying, you might benefit from the Extreme version. It’s my pick for the best spy app for Android phones.

It lets you intercept and record phone calls as well access the microphone to record the phone’s surroundings.

The FlexiSPY features are perfect for anyone who is suspicious about someone and wants to know the truth. It’s one of the most innovative ways to gather information.

However, these tempting features are not for everyone, particularly authoritative types. These may include overprotective parents, uncompromising bosses and jealous lovers. Wanting to spy on someone to ensure he or she is not in danger or to ensure productivity are one thing. Obsessively tracking someone’s every move is another. Using a spy app can be a serious invasion of privacy and should be used with good intensions.


  • Premium and extreme package options
  • User friendly
  • Discreet
  • Good tech support


  • Requires a jailbreak on Androids and iphones
  • Not 100% undetectable (users can search the SD download files folder)
  • More expensive than other spy apps
  • Features may not work if the target phone is in a low signal area.

Features and Benefits

When considering the quality of a product, it’s helpful to look at each individual feature to measure its worth. Fortunately, we’ve included a thorough FlexiSPY review to help you decide. FlexiSPY has some useful features, such easy installation, a user-friendly dashboard, thorough spying and forward-thinking technology. Now, let’s take a look at them one-by-one.

Premium Features

These features are standard with the FlexiSPY software. Although this version comes with common features that you might find in other programs, there are a lot of them from which to choose.

Installation Wizard

Instead of having to search online or call customer support to install, you can just follow easy steps using the installation wizard. It’s straight forward and instructional.

GPS Tracking

Is your daughter really spending all those late nights at her girlfriend’s house? We hope so, but if not, this feature will let you know. You can use the GPS tracker to discover the phone’s real-time location. A full GPS location history is also available.

Extreme Exclusive Features

FlexiSPY offers 2 package options, Premium and Extreme, the latter being the option with the most perks.

Take Screenshots

Screenshots allow you to capture whatever may be on the screen and save it as an image. With the Extreme package you can do all of the following:

Control Apps

This software lets you access and control apps that are installed on the target device. You can also choose what apps can be installed and uninstall apps. Some of the popular apps that you can control include the following:

  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Notes
  • Tinder
  • Facebook Messenger App
  • iMessage
  • Instagram

Keystroke Visibility

With keystroke visibility, you can easily see what’s being typed on the phone. This gives you access to any typed content, including usernames and passwords. Access to login credentials opens up a world of information.

Keyword Alerts

With keyword alerts, you can choose to receive an alert via text message when certain words are used. This sure comes in handy when you’re trying to weed out profanity and lewd content.

Access Target Phone’s Media

It’s no surprise that an app that allows remote viewing of keystrokes and remote screenshots also allows access to media. That media includes photos and video. Just be sure to brace yourself for what you might find.

Manage internet Usage

It can be interesting to discover what people are searching for on the web. Unless the user has become accustomed to clearing phone history often, you have access to some valuable clues.

Take Photos Remotely

If all those features aren’t enough, perhaps being able to take photos on the target device will seal the deal. Extreme allows you to control the camera and snap photos. This feature leaves no room for guessing.

Customer Support

I’d probably have to pass up any spy app, or any app at all, that didn’t have knowledgeable support specialists standing by. FlexiSPY representatives are available 24/6 via live chat or phone. There’s also a FAQ page on their website.

Scheduled Ambient Recording

Not only can you monitor the phone activity on a targeted device. You can activate ambient recording to hear what’s going on within the phone’s surroundings. These settings can be made ahead of time, and the recording range is from 5 minutes to an hour. Listen to the recording at your own convenience.

Call Interception

Another FlexiSPY Extreme benefits is the ability to intercept live calls. This is beneficial if you’re not sure if an employee’s long phone conversations are with a client or a best friend. It’s also great for parents with kids who seem to always leave the room when they’re on the phone.

To use this feature, the target phone must have 3-way calling capability. You just enter the call as a third party, and you are off to hearing the entire conversation. Call intercept works on Apple, Android, Symbian and Blackberry devices.
Just make sure your phone is muted during the call to avoid being caught in action.

Call Recording

This is one of the distinct features that comes with the FlexiSPY Extreme edition. It allows many ways to record calls. For one, you can record all incoming and outgoing calls. Furthermore, you can choose to record calls from selected contacts or simply record all calls.

You can listen to the calls at your own convenience since they are uploaded to the dashboard. There’s also an option to download the recorded calls from the dashboard.

The enhanced call recording features are great if you’re too busy to sit around intercepting calls all day.

Note: Although the app installs on a lot of devices, the Android and iPhone require “jailbreaking” or “rooting.” This process can be stressful for technical novices. Be sure to backup the device first.

Social Proof

To support our mostly positive review of the FlexiSPY software, we scoured the internet to see what others had to say.

1. “I monitor for parental reasoning and I am able to view call logs, messages, and keylogging.
I have an un-rooted device and am able to view what’s been typed and not sent, see deleted call logs, and messages on phones. Also the entire contact list and duration of calls.

The support group has helped me when I had issues and checked up to see how everything was going. They even stayed on the chat to figure out what issues I was having and helped me resolve them.

This program compared to others is hands down the best. They are affordable and such an easy program to install. GPS tracking has helped me if I needed to see if my teen was telling the truth of where they actually were at.

I didn’t need to see some features that the phone needed to be rooted but they have a team to help root the device if needed to be. I used it on an LG Aristo. Thank you Flexispy for everything and keep things discreet.” -Rainy Monroy

2. “Flexispy lets me record all the calls and read all the text messages. It’s an extraordinary technology, in fact it’s too cheap in my opinion. As a licensed private investigator, this is one of my main tools, and probably the most efficient one. It was a bit quirky to use at first, but once I got the hang of it, it gave me all the information I needed.” – Jacek P.

3. ” For a private detective, FlexiSPY is one of the best tools for listening to calls and reading text messages. Saves me a lot of time and effort. I buy a few licenses from them for my clients, and never have a problem with their service. In fact, it cost twice as much as it costs now, I’d still use this software – because my job requires the ability to listen and record calls.”

Alternative Apps

Just in case the above FlexiSPY review hasn’t swayed you, we’ve provided some alternatives that may be more suitable.


This software program is available in basic and premium packages, and it’s more affordable than FlexiSPY. It offers a lot of the same features as FlexiSPY Basic, but it has none of the Extreme features.

Furthermore, it doesn’t allow you to take screen shots and pictures on the target phone. This software is great if you don’t want to pay as much but are willing to sacrifice a few fun features. You’ll still get most of what the FlexiSPY software has to offer.

It does give you the ability to switch the target device an unlimited amount of times. This means you can save money since you won’t have to buy a new license. This spy app offers a non-jailbreak version, which can save you time and money (no need to hire someone to do it for you).  You can read our full mSpy reviews here.


  • GPS tracking
  • Access calendar
  • Block calls
  • Discreet
  • Keyword alerts
  • View call and internet history
  • Control website access
  • Access apps
  • Keylogger
  • View media
  • Access e-mails and text messages
  • App blocking


  • Non-jailbreak version
  • Few features
  • Less Expensive

Overall, it’s got most of the FlexiSPY premium features plus some added ones. We’d recommend this one.


Teensafe is claimed to be suitable for both families and corporations. This app is more affordable than FlexiSPY, but it includes fewer features. However, where it’s short in features, it makes up with awesome customer reviews. This app isn’t recommended for anyone who plans to utilize a plethora of features to do some deep digging. It’s got just enough for you to keep tabs on a suspect.


  • Receive the target phone’s text messages, e-mails and chats
  • Monitor calls
  • Access media
  • View online activity
  • GPS tracking
  • Monitor apps, including social media apps


  • Costs less
  • Less features

Things to Consider Before Buying Spy Software

Spy software has increased peace of mind for worrywarts since its advent. For instance, it’s helped parents keep their kids out of trouble and employers increase productivity.

FlexiSPY has some impressive features: It allows you to remotely view SMS and e-mails, capture and record phone calls, monitor social media accounts, use the phone’s apps, hear sounds surrounding the phone and track a phone’s location.

Here are a few things to consider before buying spy software:

  • Jailbreak or Rooting the Target Phone: to get the full functionality from any spy app you’ll need to root or jailbreak the device.
  • Stealth: FlexiSPY runs in the background, making it completely invisible. It enables you to see everything that happens on the phone without being detected.
  • Number of monitoring features: The more ways you can spy on someone, the more information you can obtain. You can’t expect to find all the information you need in just one place.
  • User friendliness: Although spy software has some techy features, you shouldn’t have to be a computer nerd to use it. Look for a device that displays a clear dashboard and allows you to adjust settings easily.
  • Customer service: Even with easy operation, we’re liable to still have trouble or questions. This is especially stressful for novices. Good customer service and online resources can be the difference between a good and a bad day.
  • Legality: Be sure to check with your state laws to clearly understand privacy laws. There are laws that permit parents to monitor children and employers to monitor employees. However, there are limitations.

Technology is a two-edge sword. It makes mischievous behavior fairly easy. On the other hand, spy software technology allows you to easily find out when someone’s misbehaving. Trust and safety are huge issues in this day and time. FlexiSPY has multiple features, including those not found in any other spy program, to ease your peace of mind. It’s also easy to use and comes with quality support. To learn more about the app, click here.

In-Depth mSpy Review with Criticisms

mspy reviews with detailed usage information

The phone spy app market is literally overflowing with dozens of products offering basically the SAME capabilities. As a consumer it can be difficult and frustrating trying to figure out which one is actually the best for your needs.

In an attempt to wade through the BS, I tested all the best spy apps on the market (well over 20). In this post I’m going to review mSpy; my pick for the best overall spy app on the market.  Most reviews leave out some of the nitty gritty details such as refund polices, which can be AWFUL to say the least.

While the mSpy app isn’t perfect (read my frustrations below), it delivers all of the functionality I required while also offering consistently reliable operation and a solid technical support team.

This mSpy review will describe the features of the software and will explain why it could be answer to your own phone monitoring needs.

​My mSpy App Review


  • First class customer support team
  • Jailbreak and Non-Jailbreak versions
  • Installation without physical access to target device
  • Easily access all social media apps


  • ​Only works with iOS & Android​
  • Jailbreak required for “full” functionality

There are any number of reasons why you might need to monitor someone else’s phone. In our particular case it was because our daughter reached an age at which boys would be messaging her and we wanted to make sure things stayed appropriate.

Regardless of who you want to keep tabs on, you’ll need some sort of spy app to accomplish it.

Before You Buy

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, there were certain frustrations I had with this app during the installation. Since I wanted the full version I had to first jailbreak the phone.  Of course you can still use this app without jailbreaking the target phone, but the features are more limited.

This process is a bit complicated if you’re not technologically savvy. After a couple frustrating hours I decided to pay a little extra to have one of their tech support people handle this for me.

Once I handed it over to customer support, installation and setup was a snap. They literally do everything for you.

mSpy may be useful if you are concerned about your child’s safety, want to help him or her maintain healthy interactions, and want to help your son or daughter avoid relationships that have a negative influence.

The mSpy app allows you to inconspicuously track your child’s phone use and log the information so that you can review it and take necessary precautions.

If you need to monitor your child in this manner, either because of a concern about cell phone use or because you are not always physically present to provide monitoring, spyware is a great solution.

Parents who wish to allow their child to be independent but who also want him or her to be safe might find that mSpy is an ideal solution.

​Is mSpy Right for You?

  • ​Do you want to monitor a phone without the owner’s knowledge?
  • ​Do you have physical access to the target device?
  • ​Does the device you will be monitoring use an operating system other than Android or iOS​?

Leaving the mSpy icon on the desktop may be a work-around for the first concern above. It is also possible to install it on an iOS device to which you do not have physical access but doing so will result in a restricted set of monitoring options. Sometimes it makes more sense to install a different software application, so I will discuss two alternatives in a later section.


mSpy is optimized for mobile devices and offers distinct advantages:

  • ​You can discretely monitor ​usage of the target phone;
  • Parents can block incoming calls, specific websites and applications;
  • Recent versions of mSpy ensure longer battery life for the target device;
  • The latest updates feature geo-fencing and keystroke logging.

I could have really used this information when my niece was victimized by school bullies, using it to help her develop healthier connections and to protect her from further abuse.

​Features of the mSpy App

Even with all these amazing features, it is important to note that not all devices perform equally well with mSpy. The disadvantages include:

  • The app can be installed remotely only on no jail break devices and you will need to have an Apple ID and enable iCloud backup to do this;
  • If installed remotely, you will have limited reporting options but you can still view logs of most communications;
  • In most cases, you need to have the target device in your possession to install the software;
  • You will need to root an Android if you wish to have the ability to monitor incoming instant messages using mSpy.

1. Chat Service Monitoring

One of the features of mSpy includes the ability to monitor activity on internet chat services and social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and WhatsApp. Being able to monitor your child’s internet messaging activities can be of benefit in preventing associations with harmful friends. You can also use this feature to get information about inappropriate content that your child may be sending or receiving via messaging services.

2. Monitoring Email, Text and Multi-Media Messages

The app monitors texts, email, video and audio. One of the advantages of this set of features is the fact that the app not only monitors activity but provides you with usage logs of your child’s communications. This can help you to decide if your child’s interactions might be inappropriate and to determine if your son or daughter is at risk because of their social contacts.

3. Call Monitoring and Call Blocking

You can receive information about call duration and timestamp, so you can have the benefit of knowing who your child is talking to and when. This feature can be valuable in protecting your child from negative interactions and to help you to assess if any of these relationships pose a threat.

Call duration and timestamp information can also serve to help you manage your child’s time. For example, you can use this information to determine if your son or daughter is using homework time to make phone calls, or if he or she is using the phone after hours. Monitoring usage in this manner may help you to assist your son or daughter if you are concerned about the health and timing of their social interactions.

Call blocking can be used to restrict incoming calls during certain times, for example, family time or meal time. You can also block calls from a specific number if you do not want your child to speak to that caller. The call blocking features is one of my favorites, because it lets me avoid ongoing monitoring by simply disallowing certain contacts.

4. Monitoring Keystrokes

The set of features designed to monitor internet use include the keylogger, as well as network monitoring and internet connection control options. The keylogger allows you to monitor all communication that is typed on the device, regardless of which app your child uses to type.

This can be a very useful feature for parents of children who may be typing off-line but who send previously typed messages when they re-establish an internet connection. With this feature, there is less opportunity for a child to circumvent the monitoring process by uploading pre-typed documents or messages, since the keylogger will record this activity and forward it to the parent’s control panel.

5. Monitoring Internet Use

Network monitoring and connection control options include the ability to block access to specific websites, to block specific apps that are installed on your child’s phone, and to block internet access altogether.

The advantage of this set of options is that you have many choices for configuring your child’s internet connection. You can restrict internet use by blocking specific websites, disallow internet use by blocking the connection entirely, or allow internet use while blocking specific apps.

The network monitoring feature from mSpy allows you to restrict your child’s access to specific content, such as adult material or violence, by specifying keywords for the software to flag.

The advantage of this feature is that more tech savvy youngsters will have difficulty bypassing the blocks by attempting to access it through a different website or via a different method. If they do this, the keylogger will record these attempts and the software will also log when internet access changed from a data connection to wi-fi.

6. Specifying Physical Boundaries

Geo-fencing, which is fully integrated with Google Maps, provides full functionality in location monitoring. With geo-fencing, you can set the physical parameters for your child’s activity and the software will notify you when your child leaves this designated area.

This option provides the benefit of being able to monitor your child’s whereabouts without having to be physically present, so that it gives the child freedom while also allowing you to monitor what he or she is doing. This is one of my favorite features from mSpy, and find it especially useful if you have a concern that your child might not be telling the truth about their activities and you need to verify their whereabouts.

7. Recording and Security Options

Built-in security features include target phone locking, remote data wiping and SIM card tampering alerts. These options can be a tremendous asset not only in protecting your child from negative influences, but also to avert catastrophe in more dangerous situations.

Having the ability to lock your child’s phone and to remotely wipe its data can help to protect your child from identity theft if his or her device is lost or stolen. Such actions can also shield your son or daughter from potential predators who may be able to access personal information from a stolen device.

8. Jail Break, No Jail Break and Root

The mSpy software can be installed on Android phones that are running operating system versions 4 and above. To be able to monitor incoming instant messages, however, you will need to root the Android device you will be monitoring.

Rooting of an Android device is the process of gaining complete control of the target phone or tablet by enabling administrator privileges on the device. Rooting must be done very carefully because rooting will void the warranty. If done incorrectly, you will end up with a phone that is not only unusable but that also has no warranty.

For a thorough discussion of rooting Android phones and tablets, you may want to check out Mark Jansen’s article that discusses the methods to use if you wish to root an Android phone, as well as the joys and risks of doing so.

mSpy is also compatible with all versions of iOS 7-11+ but provides a restricted set of options if it is installed on a device that is not jail broken. Jail breaking is the process of escalating privileges on an iOS device, allowing the user to gain administrative control of the iPad or iPhone.

Installing mSpy on jail broken devices that are running iOS 7-8.4 and iOS 9.0-9.1 will offer the full set of options, which is not available on devices that are not jail broken.

On no jail break devices, you can still monitor notes, calendar, email, chats, phone calls and texts. You will be able to monitor WhatsApp conversations, but it will not be possible to monitor other messaging apps.

You will also be able to gather information about the wi-fi hotspots that your child connects to. This information will be valuable if you have concerns about where your child may be spending his or her time, since the keylogger will provide location information about the hotspot connections.

On no jail break devices, you can view installed apps on your child’s phone. To be able to monitor or block apps on no jail break phones, however, you need your child’s Apple credentials and should also enable iCloud backup.  This step is common to most spy apps, not just mSpy.

You will need physical access to the device if iCloud backup is not activated. The advantage of the no jail break option is that it allows you to use mSpy even if you do not have access to your child’s phone, but the no jail break device will function with a restricted set of privileges because you will lack administrative access to the file system.

mSpy Pricing Details

mSpy is available in 3 different packages: basic, mSpy Premium, and Family.  Here are the pricing details for each.

mSpy Basic:  $29.99 per month.

mSpy Premium: $69.99 per month or $199.99 per year.

Family Plan: $359.97 for 6 months or $479 per year.

What Customer Reviews Are Saying About mSpy

As I was writing this mSpy review, I came across some testimonials that were submitted on Sitejabber by real customers. The reviews get at the heart of why parents install spyware in the first place and speak to the benefits the app can provide for parents.

If you enjoy watching videos, this YouTube video shows several customer perspectives in one short film. mSpy can be used in other situations where monitoring is needed, for example, employee phone use. If you have this type of monitoring need, these YouTube videos might be a good place to get additional information.

Alternative Products

Most mobile monitoring includes email and text monitoring, call blocking, website blocking, activity logging and browser history recording. If mSpy does not work for you, other solutions might be a better choice. I will summarize the features of two additional software programs to illustrate functions that might be available in monitoring systems.

Flexispy is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, Nokia, and BlackBerry and is offered in Premium and Extreme versions. Purchase terms include one month, three months and twelve months. It integrates call interception, call recording and surroundings recording, but only the Extreme version includes password cracking.

Hoverwatch, another widely used program, tracks contacts, calendar activity, calls and texts, location, video, audio and popular Internet messaging services. Its unique features include call recording and detection of SIM card tampering. The disadvantage of is that it is only available for Android and Windows systems.

I compared mSpy, Flexispy and Hoverwatch, and came up with this summary:

  •  mSpy has a lower price and offers just as many features;
  • Flexispy offers call recording, ambient recording, and call interception, but several of its features are integrated into the Extreme version and are not part of the Premium subscription. While mSpy does not offer call recording or call interception, its keylogging feature is useful in gathering some of the same types of information;
  • Flexispy has short-term subscription plans that let you try the software before making a longer-term commitment, but the short-term plans are more expensive. While mSpy does not offer these options, it does offer a free seven-day trial and the regular subscription is less expensive;
  • Geo-fencing with Google Maps is unique to mSpy. Hoverwatch and mSpy integrate SIM card tampering detection into their monitoring platforms;
  • Flexispy requires installation on a jail broken device and so is not available for iOS devices that are not jail broken. mSpy offers the option of installation on devices that are not jail broken. This issue is not relevant for Hoverwatch, since it is currently not available for iOS devices.

If you’d like more information you can read our full review on Flexispy. If you want to try Hoverwatch, this link will take you to their website.

Why mSpy and Where to Get It

My mSpy review would not be complete without me reiterating that mSpy can help you to keep your child safe and to know what he or she is doing. mSpy runs in the background so you never have to worry that your child might discover the monitoring. Because mSpy is compatible with most mobile devices, there is almost no device that your child uses that you will not be able to monitor. You can get a seven-day free trial by visiting the company’s blog or visit the official product website if you want to download the product with all features.