Best iPhone Spy Apps 2020: Undetectable & No Jailbreak

discrete iPhone spying applications

In this post I’ll be covering the best iPhone spy apps of 2020.

The dangers of the online world are constantly evolving. Illicit software and malicious scams change with software development, causing unprecedented data and privacy breaching methods.

If you’re a parent, you’re probably worried about where your child ends up on the internet or if any shady individuals are trying to contact them.

If you’re an employer, you’re likely to be worried about potential data leaks and sabotage that can affect your entire business.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most modern and comprehensive iPhone monitoring apps so that you can keep an eye on device activity for your children or your employees alike.

5 Best Hidden iPhone Spy Apps

#1. mSpy – Best iPhone Spy App

mspy's logo


  • Simple, direct with intuitive UI (User interface)
  • Discrete, no physical access to device needed
  • Monitor texts, call logs, location and more.
  • Best for multiple device monitoring


  • More robust features need jailbreaking
  • No wider social media monitoring

mSpy comes as the best iPhone spy software available on the market now. It can monitor text messages, call history, and even web history, making it one of the best iPhone monitors on the market.

You don’t even need to jailbreak your iPhone to use these features as mSpy offers a “no-jailbreak” version. You can retain updated iOS features you would have lost with a jailbreak while enjoying mSpy’s many monitoring capabilities.

Application Footprint

mSpy is stealthy and discreet, ensuring that the target device user will not be notified of the monitoring app operating in the background.

Discretion is key for a spy app’s performance because if the user knows that someone is monitoring their device, they may take extra steps to conceal their activity.

If you want to monitor the target phone better, doing so discreetly through mSpy’s iCloud based monitoring system can give you the best look into their natural online behavior.

Simply install this online by using the iCloud credentials that the target iPhone is using, and you can start monitoring the device in different ways.

Communication Monitoring Capabilities

Despite being virtually undetectable, mSpy retains many of the advanced features it has that are comparable to other high-end monitoring software out there.

You can view and monitor the text and WhatsApp messages that your target device sends and receives.

For SMS, the spy app can even retrieve deleted messages just in case the person using the iPhone tries to remove any sensitive information.

The mSpy spy app also has a call monitor that can view call details such as duration and time placed and frequency and various contact details found in their address book.

You can view the contact details of people commonly contacted as well as see if any of them are hiding their true identities behind a pseudonym.

App and Browser Monitoring Capabilities

mSpy monitors different phone activities beyond incoming and outgoing communications as well.

You can easily view your target phone’s browser history to ensure they don’t visit any explicit and dangerous websites that may harm the family or the workplace.

mSpy can also view the app list of the currently installed apps within the cell phone and when these apps were installed.

You can block downloads of games or inappropriate apps to make sure that the device remains clean for your child or employee using it.

Additional Features

mSpy is probably best known for how organized and well-designed their user interface is. Each part of the app is carefully organized into easily expandable groups so you can show and hide any data set you need to look at.

Apart from that, mSpy has a 24/7 multi-lingual customer service available for its subscribers, which should allow you to get easy assistance when navigating any one of the advanced features the spy app has.


mSpy simplifies this through their single price payment system for both Android and iOS. You can choose which duration you want to purchase, with longer durations coming out much cheaper to use monthly.

  • $59.49 for 1-month
  • $34.00 monthly for 3-months ($101.99 total payment)
  • $14.17 monthly for 12-months ($169.99 total payment)

#2. Spyic – Best Value

spyic logo

Spyic is another powerful iPhone spy app that monitors many offline and online activity on a target phone.

Like mSpy, Spyic doesn’t need to jailbreak the target iPhone for it to work, giving you complete monitoring while retaining the phone’s system integrity.

Spyic also has a special location-tracking system you may not see in many phone spy apps, making it our best choice for value in iPhone monitoring apps.

Application Footprint

Spyic’s iPhone monitor software doesn’t require physical app installation and works off a web-based service that monitors the target phone via access granted by the phone’s iCloud credentials.

Spy apps work best when the individual being monitored is not aware of the software, so Spyic remains discreet and lightweight.

The app quietly monitors the different iPhone systems, syncing the recorded data to an online log that only you and authorized individuals can access.

Communication Monitoring Capabilities

Spyic monitors different messaging apps found within the standard iPhone setups. Spyic monitors both standard text messages and Apple’s iMessage feature, giving you the ability to view both incoming and outgoing messages.

Call logs and the frequency of calls placed are also monitored without having to do any additional rooting or jailbreaking. You can see most frequently contacted individuals for a better analysis of a target’s behavior.

Additionally, Spyic monitors LINE and WhatsApp, two top-rated messaging apps. You can view their messages, whether it is Private or Group, ensuring you have complete oversight on messages found through different communication platforms.

Spyic can also view the different multimedia being sent across different platforms.

Be it photo or video, Spyic will be able to view these as well as their origin. Even saved photos and videos on the target device are viewable through the online control app. Any explicit materials being shared will be viewable by you.

App and Browser Monitoring Capabilities

Spyic can view currently listed apps on a cell phone, so you can see if any device begins downloading restricted apps, be it non-age appropriate apps for your kids or games not appropriate for the workplace for your employees.

You’ll see the timestamps of installation, as well as a short description regarding the app so you can analyze situations quickly.

Spyic also monitors browser activity in different ways. You can view website history, frequency of visits, as well as the timestamps on when each website was visited.

Additionally, you can also view the different browser bookmarks to see any websites that the iPhone user visits enough to bookmark.

Additional Features

Spyic utilizes the internal GPS, normally used for social media and navigation systems, to track the device so you can properly track the device’s movements as well.

GPS location tracking is beneficial when monitoring individuals while on-the-go.

This is especially important for young children who may easily get lost. Having a device that’s GPS location tracking-enabled will give you a birds-eye view of where the device is on the map.

Spyic also uses this GPS tracking feature to enable geofencing, a process of setting a specific geographical area on the map that limits a target device’s movements.

If the target phone leaves the area, you will be notified in real-time regarding where and when they left.

Spyic can also monitor via SIM card as well. The spy app does this by triangulating the target phone’s location to a certain area via cell towers within the area.

From this monitoring, you can get SIM card information as well as alerts whenever the SIM card is changed just in case of theft.


The standard experience for Spyic would have to be through their Premium app plan package, as most of their advanced features are part of this subscription package.

This plan sets itself apart from most spy apps and is the best deal for how many features you get. See how the Spyic premium plan is below:

Premium iOS
  • $49.99 for 1-month
  • $26.66 monthly for 3-months ($79.99 total payment)
  • $10.83 monthly for 12-months ($129.99 total payment)

Spyic includes a family plan and a business plan for users looking to monitor more than 1 cell phone at a time. You can see the price breakdown below:

Family iOS
  • $99.99 for 1-month
  • $66.66 monthly for 3-months ($199.99 total payment)
  • $33.33 monthly for 12-months ($399.99 total payment)
Business iOS
  • $399.99 for 1-month
  • $233.33 for 3-months ($699.99 total payment)
  • $83.33 for 12-months ($999.99 total payment)


  • Communication monitoring includes Line
  • Can monitor location and multimedia


  • Expensive, especially when buying more than 1 license.

#3. UMobix – Best Budget Pick

umobix logo

UMobix is a parent-focused iPhone monitoring app that focuses on strong communication and social media monitoring, as these are the platforms where children are most vulnerable to abuse.

Apart from that, their full plan at roughly $90 is one of the cheapest plans we’ve come across. UMobix packs a lot of features that make it our best budget pick on the list.

Application Footprint

UMobix remains lightweight with its web-based installation. All you need to do is provide the prerequisite iCloud credentials, and you can begin monitoring the target phone activity.

Note that update frequency depends solely on back-up setting configurations and can take as long as an hour for updates to refresh.

Communication Monitoring Capabilities

The Umobix spy app can monitor both SMS and iMessage, including those messages which have been deleted.

Most kids often try to delete what they believe would be sensitive text messages to avoid getting caught in a bad situation. You can circumvent difficult situations by being aware of the messages your children may not want to talk about.

Call logs and contact lists are also monitored through the Umobix control app. You’ll be able to track frequently contacted users as well as matches in contact details so you can uncover any contacts under a pseudonym.

App and Browser Monitoring Capabilities

As children get more experienced with the web, they can sometimes circumvent rules and visit online areas that are not suited for them.

As parents, it becomes more difficult to monitor how children behave online, which can get scary, especially around sensitive development ages.

Social Media, despite its many benefits, also poses a significant threat to children who aren’t properly guided on its use.

UMobix gives you full social media access across all iPhone OS versions so that you can monitor chat, media, and other app activity for full oversight. You will be able to see popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and more.

UMobix also monitors web browser activity, logging in time stamps, and website data so that you can see which websites your child visits. This can help guide them to avoid any material online that may not be suitable for them at their age.


UMobix plans are split between the Basic Plan and the Full Plan. The Basic Plan is meant to give you a taste of the app through a minimal commitment of $19.99 for two weeks of use.

If you want to save money and are sure of a long term commitment, check their longer “Full” Plans below.

iOS Full Plan
  • $29.95 for one month
  • $14.99 monthly for 3-months ($44.97 total payment)
  • $ 7.49 monthly for 12-months ($89.88 total payment)


  • Powerful social media monitor
  • Cheaper software compared to others in the market


  • Lacking in monitors beyond communication

#4. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is another phone monitoring spy app that focuses squarely on child protection online.

With the different ways online predators can target unsuspecting children browsing online, it doesn’t surprise us that software is being developed to combat these dangers.

iKeyMonitor has a robust set of features for monitoring different devices.

For iPhone, they have versions for both non-jailbroken and jailbroken phones alike, so that users looking for more advanced features have the option to do so. Read my in-depth iKeymonitor review here.

Application Footprint

The installation method would differ depending on the version you get from iKeyMonitor (jailbroken or not jailbroken).

For the standard non-jailbroken version, you’ll follow the web-based installation through monitoring authorization granted by the iCloud credentials of the target device.

For jailbroken phones, you’ll need to install an app for iPhone that is specially coded to utilize the systems of a jailbroken iPhone.

Rest assured that the application will remain hidden from the app list so that the one being monitored will not be aware of the app operating.

Communication Monitoring Capabilities

iKeyMonitor can monitor both SMS and iMessage, as well as any alert words being shared across platforms.

You can set certain keywords that you don’t want your child using in their messages so that you’ll be alerted on your monitoring app if ever they send or receive anything prohibited.

You’ll also be able to monitor the calls they have made as well as the contacts they have saved on their phone. Duration and time stamp are noted as well, just in case you find any irregularities with their normal call behavior.

App and Browser Monitoring Capabilities

iKeyMonitor can monitor various social media apps for any possible illicit chat activities going on.

This includes popular apps such as Tinder, WhatsApp, LINE, and even Viber. Any photos or videos saved on the device are also viewable, as well as the details on when and where the media came from.

iKeyMonitor can also track via GPS signals from the phone and set-up any geo-fencing to keep the target device within a defined area.

If the device leaves the area, expect to be notified immediately on the device’s time of leaving and current location.

Lastly, iKeyMonitor can view all installed apps on the phone, so both dangerous and distracting games can be flagged and blocked accordingly.


iKeyMonitor has a special basic version available for free so that you can try out how the software is before committing to a certain plan.

The basic plan doesn’t have all the monitoring features, so if you want the complete package, you’ll need to apply for their “Online Plan.”

It’s worth noting that their online plan’s pricing system is odd, with two duration options of either 3 days or 1-year. You’re out of luck if you’re looking for a middle-ground subscription package.

They have business packages available as well, but you need to message them directly for a quote as this will probably depend on the quantity you’ll need.

iOS Online Plan
  • $9.99 for 3 days
  • $29.16 monthly for 12-months ($349.99 total payment)


  • Good social media monitoring capabilities
  • Can track location
  • Good option for users with jailbroken iPhones


  • Expensive and odd payment plans

#5. Cocospy

Cocospy can view a lot of device activity that most iPhone spy apps wouldn’t be able to monitor.

Cocospy also doesn’t need to jailbreak the target iPhone to operate, giving it a clean install with the updated features that the most recent iOS system can give you.

Cocospy goes beyond the usual communication monitoring and can monitor online activity via browsing and physical location via GPS. Check out my full Cocospy review here.

Application Footprint

Most iPhone devices that use a spy app install through an iCloud credentials method and Cocospy follows the same method.

You don’t need physical access to the target device as long as you have the iCloud credentials for the iPhone set-up. Make sure that two-factor authentication is turned off as well as this can interrupt the iOS monitoring.

Through a web-based setup like this, you don’t need to worry about the iPhone spy app getting discovered, as no app is technically installed on the phone.

It records the target device activity and uploads it to an online log so you can view it remotely as well.

Communication Monitoring Capabilities

The Cocospy app monitors SMS and iMessage, where you can view both incoming and outgoing messages. Deleted messages are also recorded just in case you need to view discarded messages for clues and analysis.

This iPhone spy app can monitor your call logs as well, including technical details like frequently contacted users, duration of the call, and time stamp.

A lot of data can be built up from who your target device contacts most frequently and how long each call lasts.

App and Browser Monitoring Capabilities

Unlike a lot of other iPhone spy apps, Cocospy can access popular chat apps like LINE and WhatsApp.

Incoming and outgoing messages, whether in a private or in a group, is visible to the monitoring party. This includes multimedia being shared, be it photo or video. If it’s saved on the device, you’ll know about it.

An app monitor is also included with Cocospy without the need to jailbreak. You can see if the target iPhone is installing any prohibited apps such as dating apps or games.

For ease of viewing, you can see install details such as installation date and a short app description.

Cocospy also has access to the iPhone browser. You’ll be able to view website history and any important bookmarks that the iPhone has marked.

Additional Features

Cocospy has a handy GPS tracking system that makes use of the internal iPhone navigation system.

You can track movements as well as geo-fence them within an area. If you find that your target device is leaving a specific area, you will be notified immediately of the target iPhone’s location and status.

Cocospy has a special feature only found in another iPhone spy app, Spyic. This is their SIM tracking system that can view geo-location via cell tower triangulation.

Apart from that, you can track the unique IMEI assigned to the SIM card to monitor any changes and movements without active internet.


If one were to go with a Cocospy package, it should be the Cocospy premium spy app subscription. It offers all of the monitoring services that Cocospy has at a reasonable price.

Premium iOS
  • $49.99 for 1-month
  • $26.66 monthly for 3-months ($79.99 total payment)
  • $10.83 monthly for 12-months ($129.99 total payment)

Like other spy apps, Cocospy has packages for people who need to monitor more than one cell phone. Albeit a bit pricey, you can at least get a good deal if your quantity matches what they’re offering.

Family iOS
  • $99.99 for 1-month
  • $66.66 monthly for 3-months ($199.99 total payment)
  • $33.33 monthly for 12-months ($399.99 total payment)
Business iOS
  • $399.99 for 1-month
  • $233.33 for 3-months ($699.99 total payment)
  • $83.33 for 12-months ($999.99 total payment)


  • Communication monitoring has some social media aspects
  • Powerful location and multimedia monitoring


  • Expensive

What Are Spy Apps?

Phone monitoring, and monitoring software in general, have been around in different forms since the start of online communications.

While initially used by authorities in an attempt to crack-down on underground communication networks, these types of software have recently found their way into the workplace and within the family.

Being able to monitor the people you care about, especially in a constantly changing online environment, is essential.

It’s easy to say you trust the individual using the device, but it pays to have guiding eyes from a more experienced person when navigating the online landscape.

Android vs. iPhone OS

You’ll need to understand your phone operating system, or OS, before getting any monitoring software. Apple and Android OS differ in more than just branding.

To put it simply, Apple is known to have closed app systems, meaning Apple keeps all its app and internal systems locked to their specifications.

This limits the capabilities of users to modify the internal system configurations, as well as their access to deeper security protocols.

Android, on the other hand, is known to have an open app system. This allows third-party developers more freedom to create apps that may have more system features than their iOS counterparts, such as custom widgets.

Check out this article for my list of the best hidden spy apps for Android phones.

This also allows users more allowance to tinker with both system configurations and device security settings.

What Does This Mean for You?

These OS differences make a large difference in what your phone monitoring app can achieve.

For Android users, your native OS will give your spy app more features as the system OS can be easily configured to allow third-party apps to access different areas of the target device.

For iOS users, you will see that both installing and configuring the app differs from how you would normally do it on an Android phone.

For certain spy app, Apple device users will need to provide their iCloud credentials instead of physically installing an app as the monitoring features will be web-based instead of app-based.

Moreover, you won’t have the same features that the more open-ended Android system has. Some apps and internal iPhone features are still locked out of third-party access.

To put simply, there are certain apps and information on your phone you won’t be able to monitor with spy apps.

If you want more functionality, you’ll need to either jailbreak or root your device, depending on what OS the target device is running.

Jailbroken/Rooted vs. Native OS

Jailbreaking is a term used to digitally unlock your iPhone system for better developer configuration and user accessibility.

Essentially, you’ll be removing the security protocols found in native Apple iOS that would normally block user access to the operating system’s internal workings.

To jailbreak your phone, you’ll need to be fairly familiar with digital systems as it will require a third-party program to set-up your phone with the necessary configurations.

Don’t attempt to jailbreak your phone if you aren’t sure what you’re doing, as you can run the risk of damaging your phone.

Android has its own version of jailbreaking, called rooting. This generally does to your android phone what jailbreaking does to an iPhone.

This allows you a wider range of monitoring features, such as keyword alerts and third-party chat room app access.

Note that not all spy apps can support the latest iOS when jailbroken. For example, mSpy will support up to iOS 9.1 jailbreak, so you’ll need to keep that in mind when choosing the software program best for you.

Dangers of Jailbreaking/Rooting

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

There is a reason why top spy apps like mSpy advertise their “no-jailbreak” features for iPhones, and it’s that jailbreaking and rooting can cause various problems and security risks for your device.

Since you’re opening your device operating system by removing security protocols, you’re also opening it to potentially malicious software that can enter through the now less-secure system.

More than that, botched installation can mean trouble for your phone and may void any warranty you have.

Even though jailbreaking will give you more features, you’ll need to weigh it with some considerable cons. Again, make sure only to jailbreak if you’re absolutely sure of what you’re doing.

mSpy: Our Best Recommended Software

As we mentioned previously, mSpy comes out as our best overall spy app for your iPhone.

Their combination of flexible payment options, cross-platform advanced features, and easy installation makes it one of the best and most intuitive spy apps to use.

For iPhone users, you’ll find that the installation is even easier than your Android counterparts. See below for how to set-up mSpy on iOS:

How to Install mSpy on your iPhone

Installing mSpy is relatively easy, and you won’t even need to be physically near the phone proper.

The iPhone version of the spy app uses a web-based iOS monitoring system compared to what Android’s app-based monitoring app uses.

The first step is to pick the right package for you. Our recommendation is for you to use their 12-month plan as this comes out cheapest on a per month calculation. It will also give you uninterrupted access to the spy app for a full year.

Next, have the iCloud credentials used for the set-up for the target iPhone so you can gain access to their cell phone via mSpy’s web-based spy software.

You won’t need physical access for this. Just ensure that two-factor authentication is turned off, as this can interrupt the spy app monitoring.

Once you have the iCloud credentials inputted, set your desired interval of updates, and ensure the target device is internet-enabled. You should begin to be able to monitor the system the minute one-time interval passes.

Legal Notes

While phone monitors are extremely useful, you’ll need to know that installing a phone monitor is illegal on any device you don’t own.

Depending on your state, laws regarding any cell phone can be tighter or looser. Still, you’ll normally need to inform the legal individual of any monitoring software installed on their phone.

This is especially useful for employers who are looking to monitor work devices for any potential security risks. Depending on the laws, you can face severe criminal and monetary fines for failing to adhere to privacy laws.

Phone monitoring spy apps, especially mSpy, are powerful to have. However, you will need to make sure you use that power responsibly and in good faith, as these can be damaging to individuals if misused.

Final Words

When choosing an iPhone monitoring app, you’ll always want a fully comprehensive and functional spy app so you can monitor messages and other activities that may pose a risk to the iPhone user.

We find that mSpy is the best spy app for this job as it combines value and smart design within one powerful monitoring app.

You’ll have peace of mind with mSpy’s many features and capabilities guarding your target iPhone against dangerous elements online.