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home automation roomWelcome to State of Entropy,

This site is devoted to all things tech.  Over the course of 20 years of working in the world of ‘bleeding edge’ technology, I have discovered that the vast majority of professionals are clueless when it comes to designing and implementing systems that are not only functional, but reasonably intuitive for end users to operate.

Much of my career was spent in computer networking and home technology.  My site will focus on the right way to implement these systems so that they are both stable, manageable, and most of all usable.

Home Theater

The world of home theater is constantly changing and evolving.  From digital amplifiers to 4k projectors and TV’s, designing today’s systems is about leveraging current technologies and ensuring their proper operation in a larger system.  Customers always want the latest and greatest.  But it’s important to deliver a system that is both easy to use and reliable.  I will show you systems that meet these requirements and many that do not.

Home Automation

The modern home is becoming more and more technologically advanced.  I will talk about current technologies and those that are just around the corner. A properly designed and implemented home automation system should be both easy to use and actually increase efficiencies within the home.

I’ll let you know which ones can help you save money, increase security, and add convenience to your life.  From iPhone apps to controls for your pool and hot tub, I will cover it all.


Choosing an integrator is one of the most important steps in building a home theater or smart home system into your next house.  I’ll let you know what you need to look for in a home technology integrator, and which ones to avoid.  The prices on these systems can get pretty big.  Make sure you are investing your money wisely, with a company that will be around for a long time.

I hope this site provides you with valuable information and insights that will help you in any projects you’re looking to undertake in your own home.  I also hope this site will act as a resource for integrators looking for ways to improve their processes.  Check back often as we are constantly updating the content and product reviews.


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