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Welcome to The State of Entropy,

Since the birth of the iPhone in 2007 I have been OBSESSED with all things tech-related.

On this site I hope to share some of my passions with you.  Most of my articles revolve around smartphones.

I’m partial to the iPhone, but I also own several Android phones as well.  I use these for testing purposes and for comparisons.

Since having children 14 years ago we are now neck deep in our kids getting their hands on their own devices.  Since I’m such a tech lover at first I loved the thought of my daughter following in my shoes.

But once I realized the dangers out there for her, I quickly started looking for ways to monitor her usage.

So you’ll also find lots of articles about monitoring apps and parental control apps.

Whether you are a tech geek like myself, or a concerned parent, I hope you’ll find my articles both interesting and helpful.


Jerry Anderson
State of Entropy

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