One of Paint Shop Pro's most versatile features is it's ability toaccept Adobe compatible plugins. These plugins are invaluable, whether you're creating webgraphics, or just touching up photos. Though there aremany commercial plugins (such as Alien Skin), there are even more freeplugins available for download. Most plugins have a number of settingsthat you can vary, so the possibilities are limitless. I have well over50 megabytes of filters on my computer. And even though I can't claim thatI use all of them, just having them available is a constant source of inspiration.

Filter Factory Galleries

These are the most well known filters on the web. If you want tocreate webgraphics, you MUST have these. Many of my tutorials use FilterFactory plugins. The galleries used to be available in the .8bf formatthat Paintshop uses, but they are now compiled into more compact FFL files.To decompile them you'll need Harry the Raver's Plugin Commander PiCo,which you can get at ThePlugin Site.

FilterFactory A
FilterFactory B
FilterFactory C
FilterFactory D
FilterFactory E
FilterFactory F
FilterFactory G
FilterFactory H
FilterFactory J
FilterFactory K
FilterFactory L
FilterFactory M
FilterFactory N
FilterFactory P
FilterFactory Q
FilterFactory R
FilterFactory S
FilterFactory T
FilterFactory U
FilterFactory V

Greg's Factory Output Filters

Greg's Factory Output Volumes I and II are probably the filters Iuse most aside from FFG. His Pool Shadow filter is a great compliment tothe one found in FFG A, and his Metal Effects filter is truly unique. Gregdoesn't seem to be on the net anymore, but you can get his filters on mymain tutorials page. Just look for the link right after the tutorials list

Andrew´s Filter Collections

Andrew Buckle has created a unique collectionof filters, many designed to cause unusual color changes. Like the FilterFactory Galleries, these are compiled in FFL format, and require PluginCommander to make them usable (it's in the Tools section). His galleriesare up to 62 now and there's no sign of his ever stopping. But I don'thave the patience to list them all. The ones beyond 35 can be reached fromany of the pages below.

Andrew´sFilters 1Andrew´sFilters 19
Andrew´sFilters 2Andrew´sFilters 20
Andrew´sFilters 3Andrew´sFilters 21
Andrew´sFilters 4Andrew´sFilters 22
Andrew´sFilters 5Andrew´sFilters 23
Andrew´sFilters 6Andrew´sFilters 24
Andrew´sFilters 7Andrew´sFilters 25
Andrew´sFilters 8Andrew´sFilters 26
Andrew´sFilters 9Andrew´sFilters 27
Andrew´sFilters 10Andrew´sFilters 28
Andrew´sFilters 11Andrew´sFilters 29
Andrew´sFilters 12Andrew´sFilters 30
Andrew´sFilters 13Andrew´sFilters 31
Andrew´sFilters 14Andrew´sFilters 32
Andrew´sFilters 15Andrew´sFilters 33
Andrew´sFilters 16Andrew´sFilters 34
Andrew´sFilters 17Andrew´sFilters 35
Andrew´sFilters 18 

Kangaroo's Homepage

Kang's filters have to be seen to be appreciated. Almost more interestingthan the filters themselves are the names he gives them. I think my favoriteis ben-wah's Sister.

Kang'sFilters 1-3

DC Special Plugin Filters

A great set of filters. The Persian Rug filter is wonderful for creatingintricate patterns for sidebars, and the PatternEdit Do and Undo filtersare a must for anyone working on background textures. You can downloadDC Special 4 from Dennis Crombie's Homepage. GraphoManiac has kindly keptsets 1-3 up and available, and they can be downloaded from the PSP Resourcespage. You can view a gallery of the effects in 1-3 here.

DCSpecial 1-3
DCSpecial 4


Abstract Dimensions (formerly Webweaver XXI)

This is a set of three filters created especially for Paint ShopPro by Sandy Blair. The set includes a pallette mapper, a ripple filter,and a directional embosser.

SandyBlair's Filters


Krusty's Graphic Home Page

Krusty (Thomas R. de Massy) has put together a wonderful collectionof filters. There are three volumes: a group of transparency editors, anincredible set of pattern generators, and a set of retouching tools.

Krusty'sFilter Factory FX


CPK Collection by Chris Kendall

Available at PC Resources for photoshop. Just scroll down the pagea bit to find these two sets.

ChrisKendall's Plugins, 1 + 2


BladePro BladeProis an incredible Plugin that combines bevels with textures and colors.This plugin is one that you absolutely have to try. It's Shareware, witha 15 day expiration date, but the registration fee is only $49 - and it'sworth every penny.

Other Filters

ButtonMaker Duo
NVRBorder Mania

I also want to alert you to three great resources for plugins:

GrafoManiacThis site maintains a great list of available filters, as well as previewsof many of the effects. In addition, many of the free filters are availablefor download on-site. The Plugs 'n Tools section is where you'll find whatyou need.

Pluginhead:Filter Factory Compendium. Another great collection of filter links.Go to the main page hereand admire the babe with the wires in her skull.

TheFilter Factory List at Premiere Plugin HQ A list of ALL of the freefilters made using the Filter Factory, and where to get them.

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Tutorials for PSP 4, 5, 6, and 7 as well as presets and tutorials for the BladePro plugin.